Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brainwave Frequencies

According to scientific study there are certain brain wave frequencies that have shown certain effects. Here is the breakdown of brain wave frequencies and what occurs at certain frequencies:

1. Delta Waves ( 0.0 - 3.5 hz ) This is the frequency range associated with deep sleep. People do not dream when they are in Delta sleep.

2. Theta Waves ( 3.5 hz to 7.0 hz ) This is the frequency range associated with a hypnotic, deeply relaxed states of consciousness. Lucid Dreams are more prone to occur in theta. The mind is in a twilight state and is prone to free association resulting in amazing mental images. Many PSI phenomenon are noted to occur in theta such as remote viewing, out of body experiences, and astral projection.

3. Alpha Waves ( 7.0 hz to 13.0 hz ) In Alpha, we are awake, but relaxed. Alpha is sometimes described as the 'daydream' state as most daydream activity occurs in persons while in alpha. There are many reports suggesting relationships between people with Fibromyalgia, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD, AD/HD, and other maladies, that may suffer from excessive Alpha with little Beta activity during the normal waking day.

4. Beta Waves ( 13.0 hz to 40.0 hz ) Beta is associated with the fully awake, fully focused mind. High beta without alpha is associated with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and similar issues.

Well, we see according to these well documented brainwave states, what the mind is doing at certain frequency ranges. As we all know when we are asleep we very often have dreams, so as our brainwave frequency lowers we have visual images and scenarios appear as a movie really or seem like we are really there. Let’s expand this list of frequencies and what can occur there a bit more according to documented study. Numerous studies have documented things that occur at certain frequencies. I will keep this list brief, there is an expanded version that can be found here:

3.5 hz Feeling of unity with everything 4.5 hz Shamanic State of Consciousness, Buddhist chants 6.3 hz Mental and astral projection 6.5 hz Brain entrainment of the two hemispheres 7.5 contact with spirit guides, entry into meditation 7.83 hz Shumann Resinance, esp activation 10.0 hz enhanced release of serotonin, hangover cure 20.0 hz imposing subconscious commands on another, stimulation of the pineal gland, used on sinus issues or colds 35 hz balancing of chakras 40.0 Out of body travel 120 helps with fatigue and sinus disorders

So as you can see there are a lot of claims of what can occur when your mind is resonating at certain frequencies. So now that we know a little bit more about at what points the brain is resonating, that certain things can occur, how can we use this? Or do we just have to hope that we accidently reach these frequencies? Well, Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. Wow, seriously? Likely yes. I know the phrase, “brainwave entrainment” shoots feelings of uneasiness through you. But these are brainwaves and frequencies that we all are at naturally, our whole lives at different points in time. All you need is a pulse of a certain frequency to entrain your brain to that same frequency, it is actually quite simple, through sympathetic resonance. Things that we are in close contact, we can actually resonate with them. Here is a quote from a business website using sympathetic resonance, “by directly employing natural resonant frequencies to existing physical systems to enhance output and performance, SRT™ has been proven to increase the quality, efficiency, and structural integrity of chemical, biological, agricultural and other physical systems.” So this has “real world” applications, this isn’t “fringe” or “pseudo” science. This is just how things work through natural frequencies.

You can simply use tones, tuning forks, or anything that creates a pulsing or vibrating effect that you can adjust to resonate with your own body and mind. Brainwave entrainment will occur naturally over a few moments or minutes perhaps of being in close proximity to an outside stimulus. What I have created is my own frequency generator to pulse to certain frequencies to attain this brainwave entrainment. I’m currently starting experimentation with this device and keeping documented track of my findings.

My theory for a while now is that my own ‘supernatural’ experiences have occurred when my mind reaches a certain point. Now I can see that this is a certain frequency. Everything around us vibrates and has it’s own particular signature frequency. Even humans can all be distinguished from one another by our signature frequency, just as we can by a fingerprint or our dna. So I want to see what will happen at individual frequencies, entraining my brainwaves to those frequencies through sympathetic resonance. I could post article links here to show what studies have shown, and they are quite dramatic, even testing known “psychics” to see what the results would be. They conclude that these people were “on” at certain frequencies, on or around the 7.8 – 8.0 hertz frequency range.

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