Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doppelgangers in my life?

Possible Doppelgangers in my life.

Back in the 90’s when I was in college I had some strange stories shared with me. Every now and then I had people tell me that I looked like someone that they knew. I didn’t think much about it at the time. Though the people would look at me like it was almost uncanny or something how much I looked like this person. To me I had a unique look, and I had never seen anyone else who seemed to look that much like me really. I didn’t think much about any of it at the time.

We would have a bunch of people over now and then, sometimes decent sized parties, and at a few of them I had people tell me that they had a guy at their school that looked like me, either from high school or from their college. So I was thinking in my head, “OK, so somebody kinda looks like me. So what?” Once again I didn’t think much about it soon after that. Then one day I was walking to class, and I saw someone walking towards me looking in my direction. They seemed to be looking right at me and kind of did that thing where someone lowers their head and moves it to the side to get a better look. They were acting like they were focusing in to see if I was who they thought I was. Then the guy got this look, like “Yeah, that’s who I thought it was.” He stopped me and said, “Gary?” I said, “Ah...., my name is Craig.” Then they looked at me with that look again, like “I know that is him.” He said, “You're not Gary?” He was obviously all confused about what was going on here. I said, “No, sorry, I’m Craig” and I just continued on to class. I just thought it was weird, just thinking that he had mistaken me for someone else.

I was playing baseball in college in 1990 and 1991. One day some of my teammates told me that one of our coaches lost a $20 bet about me. I was like, “What were you guys betting the coach about that had something to do with me?” They said have you seen the guy on campus that looks like you? I said, “No” and sort of laughed. They said yeah, we saw that guy in the Education building, we walked right by him and Coach said, “Hey, there goes McPheeters.” They said, “That’s not McPheeters.” My coach said to them, “Yeah, that was him, I’ll bet you 20 bucks that was McPheeters.” So he went up and said my name to the guy and the guy looked at him funny, so my coach walked away. So basically my coach that had seen me everyday for like 6 months, my pitching coach, couldn’t tell the difference between me and this guy, enough so that he lost $20 because he was so convinced. My teammates went on to tell me that this guy is my freaking twin, looks just like me. They said, “You’ve never seen the guy?” I still thought they were kidding or something. I said, “No, are you serious?” They said they were serious, there is a guy on campus that looks just like you, same height, same hair, same everything.

Still I didn’t make a big deal about this, it was a bit weird. I transferred schools the next year. I never saw the guy, pretty much forgot about the whole thing for a long time. Then people seemed to always think they knew me or they had seen me before. It was starting to get really strange. Like somewhere there are a bunch of guys that look like me, yet I’ve never seen any of them. There was at least one time at this next school where one of my close friends said something like, “I saw you down at the” such and such "today." I was like “What, I wasn't down there today.” They were like, “Yeah, I saw you there.” I just laughed, I don’t know who they thought they saw, but it wasn’t me. They were convinced it was me and I could tell they thought that I was lying to them.

I guess I just thought it was weird that there happens to be some guys out there that look like me. At that time I’d seen some people that resemble other people. I could tell it wasn’t them, but I never forget a face. I just chocked it up as people misidentifying someone. They thought it was me and it wasn’t.

Then a few years back I heard the term doppelganger. A doppelganger is supposedly another you from possibly some other reality. A complete and perfect look-a-like. Often the stories are of people claiming to run into them, or friends dealing with them, they always seem to be like an evil twin or something. There are stories of people seeing them on the street, and they look just like themselves, many even say they were dressed in the same clothes they were wearing at the time, or driving the same make, model and color of car they drive. One guy said that his girlfriend approached his doppelganger thinking it was him to kiss him, and the guy pushed her away like he didn’t know her. I mean if a girlfriend can’t tell the difference in looks, then that is a truly identical twin. Pretty spooky. She said the guy was a jerk to her, nothing like her boyfriend. Another guy shared a story where he continued to see his doppelganger, many times. He would try to follow him. According to him his doppelganger was driving the same car as him. One day he saw him walking on the street, the twin. His doppelganger was wearing the same football jersey as him, same number, and the kicker, it was a personalized jersey, and it had his same nickname on the back. Wow, explain that one rationally! Ok, has your head stopped spinning around yet?

So, I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. I brought up the doppelganger thing. He had never heard the term. He said, "What does that mean, doppelganger?" So I started telling him. He stopped me. He said, “Craig, I had a run in with mine.” I was like, “No way.” He said, “Yes I did, I came face to face with him in my hallway.” He said there was a very negative feel in the air. He could tell he was evil. He said that he binded him away in the name of Jesus, and the thing disappeared. Wow! Now imagine that happening to you in your house here in the next few minutes. Try explaining that one to someone. His wife apparently saw his doppelganger twin as well. I think she saw him first, actually.

So, what sparked me to write this today is this. I was talking on instant messenger today to a guy. We’ve spoken a few times. I had mentioned some of these stories from above, about people swearing that they had seen me, but it couldn’t have been me. I wasn’t at that location when they claimed it occured. I said to him, “At least my own self hasn’t come knocking at my door yet.” He says back to me, “I had a run in with my own self.” I replied, “No way!” he says, “Down at quirk, this was two weeks ago. I went to follow him and he had the same looks of me and everything. I got outside and as I was chasing him, ....I punched him and got a shock. …… He disappeared. And my hand was bleeding.” I said immediately, “No way!” He says, “In my hand” (he was bleeding). So I reply, “Are you serious?” He says, “I still got the mark from it (on his hand). I think he was from an alternate dimension.” I said, “Why would you punch him?” His reply to that was, “Just so we could get answers from him” I guess answers like who he was and stuff, why he looked just like him and all. Assuming they thought he was going to try to get away, and they would never know, why there is some guy that looks identical to him, and why he is running away from them after they saw him. My next comment was, “So he looked just like you, … In every way?” He says, “Yup. My friend Pete saw him.” To that I said, “So another guy saw him, that he looked just like you, and saw him disappear as well?” His reply was, “I saw him too, and ran after him, he bolted.” I said, “But you caught him, tried to punch him, to get answers, and he disappeared as you were punching him? Then your fingers were bloody, and it felt as if you punched someone, only he wasn’t there anymore?” So I paused for a while waiting for a reply, and then this hit me, “Guess you knocked him into next week!" I was laughing uncontrollably after that. I started coughing I was laughing so hard. I’m still laughing about it now as I type this. He replies to that, “lol….yup……that’s weird.” I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t reply back for a while. I said, “Sorry, I can’t stop laughing after that ‘knocked him into next week’ comment.”

Wow, food for thought. So is there truly something to these doppelganger stories? Were my friends seeing my doppelgangers or just someone who looked strikingly like me? I never saw any of these supposed guys that looked “just like you” as they described. People claim they saw mine, and people that I’ve talked to claim that they ran into their own twins, in their cases, their evil twins.

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  1. Perhaps it is mixed in with the alien theory. Aliens co-exist with us. All paranormal trivial seem to have a connection as broad as it may seem.