Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hearing voices of family members that weren't home, continued

I talked with my spiritual advisor or whatever we want to label her with, which I hate labels. She believes that these events have something to do with telepathy. She asked what my feelings were, before she gave me her impression, on what may be causing these occurences of hearing someone from our family speaking to us. I told her it has to be some kind of connection that we have. In each case it seems there was an anticipation of someone coming home, or the entire family coming home. It has something to do with our connection to one another.

I have had multiple telepathic experiences happen in my life. In most cases, maybe all, I had a closeness, an affinity to the person that the experiences occured between them and myself. Usually it would be close friends, girlfriends, my wife, my family, and so on. The one's that woke me up to what was happening were the ones that occured at work, between me and my employees. Those occurences took it from, "I think this is happening" to "OK, something is going on here." Now that I've thought more about these things, when I was a kid, I very often would finish peoples sentences for them, and they would look at me odd. Sometimes even commenting, "How did you know what I was going to say?" Many times I would just think in my head what they were going to say, and they would say it. I think even with my sister and mother, they would ask how I was finishing their sentences, and I may have even said, "Well, I have ESP." It was a forgone conclusion when I was young, after hearing what ESP was, I thought, "Oh, I have that. That is what that is."

I think we are all picking up things using multiple senses at once and likely using intuition at all times as well, right along with our normal five senses. I think at times we are of heightened awareness and picking up things that would often be defined as paranormal or psychic, without thinking much about it. We are generally so entrained into the left brained logical mind of the beta mind wave state that we don't realize we are intuitively picking up things. It is all in our perception, most people's current perception doesn't include thinking at all about anything outside of our normal conditioned ways to think. Not much farther than the physical that they can use the five senses for, they attribute everything to or limit themselves to only that, nothing else is possible.

I know with my awakening, I've realized that this sixth sense isn't something that is seperate from everything else, but it is a part of it. I realize now that I feel and get a knowing of things, using my regular senses along with the intuitive. It is more of a blend, than it is some seperate thing. Sure now and then, you get a heightened impulse or knowing, that could be termed psychic. It comes in different forms, and at varying levels. Many times it is very subtle, and it seems even with those that are viewed as highly gifted, it isn't a clear vision or feeling, it is something they have to almost translate, to which rational or logical thinking can muddy the waters so to speak. I think the typical person believes that a psychic knows everything or something, or it should work that way. And if they can't prove themselves accordingly, then it isn't possible that they get any type of information. It is utterly amazing that anyone could get a knowing ahead of time about something that is going to happen, but since they can't do it right away on command, and know seemingly everything, then it doesn't exist? Wow, that is narrow minded, and limiting. I know the whole need for scientific, over and over to be "real", but many things we know exist, though they don't happen, just when we want them to.

To me people have experienced things, they know they are occuring, and it just becomes a part of them. They don't need a scientific law to prove it to them, they have the proof that it is occuring, they just may not understand it. It is again like ghosts. I guess according to "science" they don't exist, and can't exist, yet probably 85% of the people, likely more, "know" they exist, they have experienced the paranormal. It isn't a scientific law, but it is real, and going on. ESP, psychic, intuitive, metaphysical is really no different to people who have had experiences. They don't understand it, just as I still struggle with it, but I know it is happening, it happens all the time, and many times happens and I don't even think about it being intuitive, after a while it just becomes a part of how you function in this world. Often I don't think about some impulse I've had, I just go about my things. Then I may realize a day or two later, "Why did I know that, or follow that?" And then realize that I guess it was intuitive.

I tell you what, lately they have had some great Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal shows. They have really shown how these kids get the feelings they do, and how it is often a total body feel or use of all of the senses. Each person uses varying levels of things for their knowing. And some get a feel, some get a vision, some hear a voice almost. To me, I don't get a clear vision, I don't get a clear voice, but somehow, I just know. And sometimes it does almost seem like something is telling me, but isn't the same as an auditory voice. It is more like that voice in your head type of thing. Like you talking inside of your own head, not some other person's voice. It guess that is why we doubt the feelings that we are getting. If it was a clear, distinct voice that came through, we might follow it better.

Anyway, I'm tangenting a little. I don't feel now that my entire family having the experience of hearing someone else from the families voice or way of entering the house, has anything to do with a spirit or ghost. It is something to do with our connection to one another, possibly some form of telepathy or telepathic connection. All of us have shown intuitive abilities as well as telepathic abilities at certain times, so I think this is the reason behind it utimately. It is definately strange. I wish I had detailed reports of each occurence, but you write them off at the time, they are confusing, and with our level of experiences at both houses with ghostly type of things, you just figure it is the spirits doing something. I try to document things now, but I still don't type up stuff near enough. I catch the big stuff, and the small everyday stuff just happens, without thinking much about it. You just get used to it really, it is a part of who you are.

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