Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My son heard me tell him to come downstairs, thing is I wasn't home!

I was taking my son to school this morning so he could lift weights. As we approached the school, he said, “Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday when you were gone, I was upstairs and I heard you say, Alex, come down here!” He said that it was my voice that he heard, he had no doubt. He said that he came downstairs, thinking that I must have gotten home or something. He said that it sounded like I was sitting in the recliner, that I normally am sitting in, and that was where the sound came from. He was surprised to see that I wasn’t there in the recliner, and he went walking around the house to find me, and then he found that my truck wasn’t home, and I was no where to be found. I asked him if he was certain that it was my voice and he said that it was my voice, it wasn’t someone elses.

This is a strange event no doubt. This is just a few weeks after the disembodied voice that my daughter and I heard, but this goes much deeper than this. This has happened to all of us in my family, where we hear the voice of one another, but that person isn’t home. This is the first time it has happened at this current house that we live in. It happened to all of us at our last home.

Numerous times I would be in the basement of our old house, on the computer and I would hear my wife holler downstairs for me. I would go upstairs, and no one was home! It even went as far a couple of times where I heard the entry door open on the main floor above me, and I would hear feet shuffling across the entry way, and the door closing, as if my family was home. Then I wouldn’t hear anything more, no footsteps across the floors of the house like they had come on in. Which I would immediately question, like “What the heck? Why aren’t they walking across the floor?” It was as if they had come in the front door, and then just stood there not moving. Then I would go upstairs, and no one was home. I remember one time I was so convinced that my wife had come in the front door, to carry in groceries, which she would do sometimes instead of bringing them through the garage door. I was so convinced she had been home, that I asked her when I saw her, if she came home about 15 minutes ago and then left. She said, “No, why?” And I told her that I swore that I heard her come in the front door, and then nothing more. You get used to someone’s distinct sound of how they come in a door, and it sounded just like it was her coming in, but then no one was there.

So one day I got home, and my wife told me that she was on the computer downstairs and she heard me open up the door at the top of the steps and holler down for her, calling her name and then she heard nothing. After a few minutes she came upstairs, and no one was home. This spooked her a bit, and she asked me about it when I got home. I said, “Nope, I just got home. That’s weird!” Our son says that the same type of things happened to him, his bedroom was downstairs, and he said that numerous times he was downstairs and would hear either my wife or I call for him, then he would come upstairs, and no one was home. I’m pretty certain as well that he says he heard us come in the garage door or front door as well, he would hear footsteps, and the door open and close, and then it got quiet, so he would check it out, and we weren’t there.

After the first few times of these things happening, it definitely made me wonder what was going on, but I didn’t think much about them, I was just confused. Generally there would be large gaps of time between the occurrences, so you don’t think much about them because of that. But when this happens so many times, and now it has happened at our new house, it really gets my mind stirring about what is going on here. We aren’t hearing someone else coming into the house, or calling for us, we are hearing the actual sounds and voices of people in our family. I’ve heard my wife, she has heard me, our son heard my voice, so what is going on here? I was contemplating this just a few minutes ago. It seems in every case that one of us has been alone in the house, and the party that they heard, they were expecting home at any moment. Then it seems like about 10 minutes sometimes more before the person or people return home, one of us hears them either come in the door or holler downstairs for them.

It is like an anticipation of them coming home or something. Maybe a subconscious worry or something about them returning, or someone is feeling lonely or scared at home by themselves. I wondered about it being some kind of residual energy at first. Maybe something that builds up in the matter of the house or the walls or something. But it doesn’t seem to be a residual effect. I guess it could be a residual energy together with the anticipation in our minds that someone will be returning soon. It seems to be the person we anticipate returning home it is that person’s voice that we hear or the their particular footsteps that we hear coming in the door.

I believed that my wife and kids were going to be home soon, and then what I hear is them all returning home, coming in the door, and the distinct sound they normally make coming in the door. When I’ve known my wife will be returning home before long, I’ve heard her call downstairs for me. She knew I was coming home, and she heard me call downstairs to her. My son yesterday believed that I would likely be home before long, and he heard me call for him. Very strange indeed. I don’t know that I’ve heard or seen other reports of this type of thing, but I have to believe if it is happening to us, that it happens to other people as well.

I have to wonder if it is some type of strong premonition that somehow we are manifesting on our own. My whole family is very intuitive, maybe that is why this is occurring. I’m searching, trying to look for all possibilities to narrow this down. After this last event, I know without a doubt it is occurring. All doubt and trying to just write it off as before, is gone. So what is happening here? I won’t stress about it, but it really makes me wonder.

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