Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disembodied Voice

Well, with all of the Ghost hunting shows on television, it is likely anyone with any belief at all about ghosts and spirits, or anyone who has had their own experience will likely know what a disembodied voice is. For anyone who may be wondering what a disembodied voice is, well, it is a voice that is heard, but the person who said it, isn't in their body anymore. "What?" Well, a spirit that has moved on, or the popular name, a "Ghost" they don't occupy a physical body on this plane of existence any more. A disembodied voice is one that is audible to the human ear, that someone or multiple people at times hear the voice. So a voice that is heard and no physical body to go along with that voice from this physical plane, and it is audible to the human ear, then it is considered a disembodied voice. Not to be confused with an EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena, which is a voice captured on an audio recording device of some type, whether a digital recorder or audio from video footage, that wasn't audible at the time of the voice phenomena's occurence, but was picked up on some sort of electronics.

The following is what I experienced in my home while sitting in my office at my desk. This took place on 12/22/09.

This morning about 9:30 I heard a woman speak. It sounded as if she was outside on the sidewalk, about 15 feet from the front door and just outside of my office. I clearly heard a woman fairly loudly say, “Hello?..... Is anybody home?” I thought someone was on the sidewalk, and fully expected to see a woman standing there. I was wondering why wouldn’t she just ring the doorbell, but sometimes when the garage door is open, people will come in the garage, so I though maybe that was it. So I went and opened the front door and was looking for a woman there on the porch or the sidewalk, there was no one I could see. So I looked out to the driveway, to look for a car of some sort, and again nothing. I walked around outside and saw nothing, no one around, so I looked over to the neighbors houses because the sound carries around here especially from across the road. No one, not one person outside at all, no signs of any possibility of someone from a neighbors house causing the event. And it was very cold, so It’s not like someone had their windows open. It is way too early for the mailman to be delivering, and the UPS and FedEx people never come this early. The voice wasn’t coming from far away anyway. It was more like from the corner of the room, or just outside of the walls of the house.

I came back inside, and my son was sitting in a chair in the living room. I said, “Did you hear that?” He said, “Hear what?” I said, “You didn’t hear that woman?” He said, “No, what woman?” Then my 7 year old daughter said, “I heard her.” I said, “You did?” She said, “Yes.”

So, I walked into the kitchen, just knowing that I would find a woman standing either in the garage or just outside on the driveway, but the garage door was down, it had been closed this whole time. I knew then pretty certainly, that it was a spirit of some sort. I had that feeling hit me pretty early, because something was odd about the voice, and the whole scenario. I went back to the living room and I asked my daughter where the voice came from, she thought that it came from over by the kitchen. But the TV was pretty loud and she and my son were sitting pretty close to it at the time. My son was watching highlights on ESPN, and there were no women on the show at the time, so it wasn't a mistaken voice from TV.

My oldest daughter swears that she heard a woman speaking as well, so two of us heard something, and I swear that I heard a woman saying, “Hello, ….Is anybody home?”

Then my oldest daughter was standing on the welcome mat by the front door, probably 3 minutes after the initial voice that we heard, and swears she heard a woman say, “Are you here?” That is when she got scared, and I could see that it was genuine, and I was convinced completely at that time that she was telling the truth, and that we did both hear what we thought we heard.

I went upstairs and asked my youngest daughter if she heard something, she hadn’t, and I asked if the game she was playing could have said those words. She said no, and my older daughter said, that her game has never said those words, and she would know, as much as she has played it, so it couldn’t have come from the game. I was exploring all avenues of debunking, and there was just nothing, no logical explanation.

The girls were a little rattled, so I spoke with them about it, and explained things, and I grabbed the digital audio recorder, I thought that letting them use it and attempting to talk with the spirit would be a way for them to ease their fears. Not that we would catch anything necessarily on the recorder, just to help them really. And it very much did ease their fears, it was awesome. I haven't checked the audio that they took, eventually I will, but they kept wanting to record, and it was neat listening to them trying to talk to the spirit.

Whether we captured anything on the digital audio recorder or not, doesn't mean much to me. I do know what I heard, and my daughter thankfully heard it as well. I know to the skeptics they have to have that proof, but they debunk, the debunking, so I'm not concerned. They will get their experience someday if they choose to pay attention and keep an open mind to all possibilities. Far too many people that I know have had experiences that cannot simply be explained away and the numbers are growing and growing.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Soul frequency and Vibration

Everything has a frequency, were you aware of that? We think about frequencies maybe when we tune the radio in, or maybe not even then to most people. Frequency is one of those things that effects us at all times during our day, yet we give it no thought at all really. But everything is frequency, everything vibrates at a certain frequency, everything around you right now, is vibrating, though undetectable to our senses, unless you are extremely sensitive to frequencies. Generally we need equipment to detect the frequencies around us. But likely there are things effecting you that you yourself could detect if you learn to sensitize yourself to it. Maybe in fact you are detecting them, making adjustments and choices because of them, only you don't realize it.

Why are you drawn to certain things? Could it be that you resonate to it and its particular frequency? Maybe that certain someone and yourself resonate at almost the same frequency, could that be the reason for the attraction? Or maybe why someone that you normally wouldn't consider yourself drawn to, but for some reason you are, maybe they are at your same frequency vibration. Something to think about for sure.

We all have our own unique frequency signature, kind of like having a fingerprint, consider this our frequency print. It is ours alone or is it? There may be someone or many someones with similar frequencies around you, maybe not exact to yours. So likely your particular frequency is your soul signature. So what about your soul mates, or people from your soul group? Do they have the same frequency, or some portion of their frequency that you all share in some fashion? It is interesting to ponder about.

First of all what is a soul group? This could be the first time you've heard about this. Supposedly a soul group is a group of people that you seem to incarnate with, possibly over and over. You interact with these people in your lifetime and learn specific lessons from them, or you have the opportunity to any way.

A soul mate is any soul that is a member of any one of a broader group and anyone that touches your life. The net effect of a soul mate on your life will always be positive, even if you cannot see it at the time. Over time this will be shown to you, and you will understand it, if you choose to that is. People often have the notion that a soul mate relationship will be the 'ideal relationship,' full of harmony and love. However, a relationship with a soul mate is more likely to be challenging!

The reason that a soul mate turns up in your life is to show you to yourself. Let me repeat that, the reason, that a soul mate turns up in your life, is to show 'you,' yourself. That is the purpose of all human relationships. You learn through viewing in the mirror so to speak, you see yourself, your actions, your ways, through them. The Law of Attraction works in every aspect of your life, and therefore each person drawn into your life is there through vibration, and nothing else. They are present because your vibration and their vibration are matched in some way. And your vibration will vary throughout your day according to many factors, happiness, sadness, illness, etc. etc. So by law of attraction, you will draw like vibrations to your current vibration. Which will help you learn and grow. Hopefully to raise your vibration. That is, if you choose to face this challenge, if you avoid it, then you will likely lower your vibration and/or frequency.

So just imagine for a minute, or think back to a relationship you had, where you believed that you and another were so much alike, that you 'got' each other, that you knew them, and they knew you. Was it challenging at times??? Likely, yes. At times things will seem so right, because you are so alike, and thinking and feeling the same things. It feels like bliss or home. Then other times you will see parts of yourself, that you don't like, that may cause conflict. You may see that something is wrong with them, but maybe something is wrong with yourself, something is being shown to you. Will you face up to it, or run away from it?

We want to grow. It is confusing when we meet the person of our dreams, fall happily in love, and believe that this is our soul mate, then have to pick up the pieces a few years later when the relationship breaks up, or the person you so dearly loved turns out to have some problems or traits that you don't care for. Even though, after all of that, this was your soul mate, and you have many of them.

When we enter into each lifetime we have so called agreements with other souls, maybe double digit numbers of other souls. You offer things to one another. These souls could be your children, friends, husband, wife, or your worst enemy, your boss, partners, all sorts. We each have free will choice so we may create paths that take us in many different directions, and is likely why you have to have agreements with so many different souls from your soul group or or even larger groupings of souls.

The universe works on the principle of vibration, so you will bring in the vibration that you need. Just as Law of Attraction shows. You will attract and be attracted to people who share your current level of vibration. In a relationship, you may meet and share a vibration at first, but along the way one or the other may learn the lesson from that relationship and therefore their vibration changes, and the two no longer can sustain a relationship, so the other is no longer necessary in their life. And they move on. People will continue to come in and out of your life. That is the way that vibration works.

There will be many people come into our lives and there is a compatibility in vibration, and a connection. They may be from your soul family, soul group, or a larger group you are involved with. There is some sort of connection and therefore vibration. You have similar goals in this life and maybe multiple lives. You may have never met on the physical plane, but you may know each other in the non-physical plane. We spend a lot more time in the non-physical than this physical plane of existence.

So what about our parents and siblings, why are they in our lives? Your parents and your children are your soul mates, you not only know them, but you have chosen to work with them to achieve growth. All souls enter this world by agreement with both parents, even if both parents aren't around all the time. Your siblings and parents are likely members of your soul group, but not all will be some will be members of your larger soul groupings that may number in the thousands.

What about this thing about being an "old soul" or a "young" one? According to what I've researched young souls generally come into families where they have quite a few known souls to them for familiarity and for feelings of security. Old souls however may be born into families where maybe only one member of that family is well known to them and even that known soul may just be a soul from a larger group and not their immediate smaller soul grouping. This choice is made because older souls are concerned with introspection more than anything else. They may be preparing to teach or to become a leader. These souls need to experience the feeling of being 'the odd one out', which leads them more to self-examination.

Greater self-examination will lead to more emphasis on self-acceptance. Which is a big part of soul development. Mastering self-acceptance is one of the biggest goals of incarnation in the physical plane. Learning to love yourself, would be an expression that would be pertinent here.

Why is it our nature here on Earth to search for our one true love? We all search for acceptance. We feel like one true love will accept us without any conditions, loving us unconditionally. The search for this is in fact the search for self-acceptance. Every relationship provides an opportunity to know yourself. By knowing yourself, you learn to accept yourself, and to love yourself. "The one true love is self-love."

When you learn to give up resistance and allow things to be as they are, "As you allow everything to be, as it is, God can work through you," you will be one with the Source, with God. What does this mean really? Just allow. Just allow. Give up the resistance, allow things to come in, and work through you. You may not always understand what or why, but just allow.

Hopefully you gain some understanding through this particular blog, maybe it answered some questions and I'm certain that it stirred up some memories and meaning.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, this was something that I felt was too good to keep from sharing it on my blog. Activ8 is a substance that people should just know about, and if it sounds like it could be of service to them, then great, if not, then that is perfectly OK as well. Some of you may have heard about Activ8, but likely many of you have heard of what it is generally known as White Powder Gold.

I was told about this website from a dear friend of mine, so I checked it out. And I want to share on my blog here about the site I took the liberty to condense from the site their description of Activ8. So I changed some of the wording in order to condense it, but it is mostly their own words, so give credit where credit is due, but I want to share this so that people can read about it, and if interested, can order some from the blue emerald.

White Powder Gold (Activ8) It activates inert coding, to get silent DNA activated. It can be used through ingestion or it can be worn around the neck over the solar plexus region (between the heart chakra and solar plexus). It is aptly named because activation is precisely what happens to you, the 8 represents the infinity symbol. Once it’s blended with your own internal alchemy it becomes something marvelous and precisely specific to you.

Once in your proximity it begins the process of seeking the fictions that stand between you and the Truth, and phasing them out. With the dissolution of falsities what is left is a truer and truer you, the platform from which you move towards your fullest potential.

It is not necessary that the removal and/or transmutation of these barriers be experienced on a conscious level. You may just wake up one day thinking differently. Or you may go through a reliving of the pains of an emotional event that installed the false thoughts or fiction to begin with. Users report that their world is different every, sometimes profoundly, as they move deeper into the experience of the activations. Most users, feel something profound almost immediately.

These falsities, these programs, they’re hung up in your system of being, including the course of your body, often manifesting as disease or other discomforts. Purification is about removal, and once such “programs” are no longer hung up in your system of being, then your body can begin to tap into dormant resources, resources you didn’t even know about. Your physical and mental energy reserves will be a marvel for you. At the same time, your chakras will get opened, balanced and tuned, and your crown chakra will open and lay the groundwork for your blossoming Cosmic Consciousness.

This is how shifts in consciousness take place on a global scale, by spreading activation

Ingredients: Activ8 contains alchemical gold, indium, titanium, boron, selenium, phosphorus, silica and sodium, some of which is bicarbonate, which gives Activ8 powder a slight baking soda taste. Because the powder is the result of the painstaking growth of crystals, which then oxidize into a fine white powder form, the powder is generally considered to be the more powerful form, but many users use both. There are presently three forms of it: half gram and one gram white powder in a simple vial necklace to be used in bathwater preparation and/or to be worn around the neck at the solar and/or heart centers - Activ8 Powder may also be ingested, but wear it for a while to attune your body to it a companion "water" for the powder in ½ ounce
bottles, for the purpose of bathwater preparation; half ounce or one ounce
ingestible liquid to be used in 1 to 6 drop doses once or twice a day.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed that, it may be something some of you have heard about or wanted to know more about, so take what resonates from it, just wanted to put it out there.

Update: Do some research on White Powder Gold, since blogging about this, I've found some good sources who claim that WPG if ingested should be done in small quantities, don't overdo it. More of a good thing, isn't always good. Also be CERTAIN of the quality of the White Powder Gold, especially if ingesting it. Even one alchemist with years of experience producing these products says that he doesn't use White Powder Gold, so do your homework on this subject. Don't get so caught up in the claims that do something that could be doing more "harm" than "good".


Sunday, December 6, 2009

More on my awakening

Well, my awakening or reawakening as it may be has been going on now for over 2 years. I really wish that I would have journaled it all here along the way. With my mind so crammed with information it is tough for me to remember in much detail things that have happened. After all our brains take in millions of bits of information per second and we only sustain like 16 bits of those, and then those eventually fade as well. So I guess what I'm saying is that in order to present really good documentation of the strange occurences that I've experienced over the last two years, I should have been typing them down as they happened.

But other than accessing the Akashic Records, there is no way for me currently to go back to make that happen. But I still want to start from here, and type up my mind ramblings and things going on. I will incorporate things from the last two years here and there.

Growing up I was a very left brained person. I was driven to make the top grade in the class at all times. I always thought it was to live up to the legacy left behind from my much older brothers and sisters. I had to live up to hearing about how smart they were and how good they were at sports. In reality it was probably more to make up for other insecurities that we pick up along the way.

However with this very logical mind, was also a lot of tough to explain phenomena. In the form of knowing, and feeling things. I didn't know as a child that I was any different than anyone else. I just thought that I was pretty normal and that everyone goes through what I'm feeling and experiencing. No big deal you think. It took years and years of conditioning in this world to the seperation they promote of us all to realize how different that I seemed to be. Fortunately, I guess, depending on how you look at it, I found ways to fit in completely. Mostly through playing sports. When you are good at sports people look up to you somehow, and want to include you in things. It is probably of a huge importance that sports were available in school, otherwise I may have really stuck out as different. Sports was kind of a balancing product in my life.

I pretty much know now that all my life I've been an Empath, I would easily pick up on peoples emotions. I thought that I was just a very emotional person as a child, and it could still be part of it, but there is much more. I was picking up on other peoples feelings very easily. When I allowed myself to feel I would pick up on others emotions. When they were sad, I would feel sad. The people I was around, I would take on their personas almost. I go back through events and can see this now. Even coaches for sports, which is strange to me to think about now, but looking back it makes a lot of sense now. So what happened, I learned to not look people in the eye, wasn't because I didn't like them, or that I didn't care about what they were saying. It was to avoid picking up their feelings and emotions. Because it could be really draining. I still to this day don't look most people in the eye. I only came to realize why about 6 months ago. Now people have said that they notice this, many just come right out and say it, and I explain to some, why this is.

Very negative people or people that are mad, and especially those that are violent, I cannot be around that energy. It will literally make my nerves go crazy. I just have to get away. It is just so hard for me to understand why they are so angry, how people can get so upset. But more than that, it is the energy that I take in, it feels so awful. It is not love, it is not what I'm used to. Of course I think most of us would choose feelings of love over negative, hurtful energy. But this would effect me all the way down to the nervous system at times.

It is good to know today, that I am an Empath. It doesn't seem to be to the level of some that I've seen on TV but it is there, and it definately helps to know this now. I think in my life, it has made some people think that I was sort of cold to them, by not looking them in the eye, and so on. That wasn't my intention, but I know that I did have to seperate myself from people somewhat in order not to take on their feelings and emotions. I understand why they would take this as meaning that I didn't like them or something. I even had some people ask me if I didn't like them. I just told people that I'm hard to read sometimes. But then with some people, I can look them in the eye most of the time, I feel completely comfortable in there presence, these would be people that are calm and full of love. I see my daughter dealing with these things quite a bit right now. She needs to be in that good energy, she can't deal with people that are angry, selfish, or mean spirited. It just doesn't register with her, and I think she too is an Empath. Maybe to a much higher level than myself.

The words aren't flowing today, like some days. I'm not really certain where to take things with this blog. I just feel like I need to start typing things out.

My awakening seems to have started from a very synchronistic event, that could even be termed fate or destiny. It was a weird thing that brought it all about. My wife had attended a couple of home show type of events in the city. Unknowing to me, she filled out a few cards and put them in the boxes for the giveaways that they had. Well one day the phone rings, which I usually don't answer the phone, if I don't know the number that is calling. But I answer the phone, and they ask for my wife. I told them she isn't here, can I take a message, the tell me they are from some prize company something and that my wife entered their drawing and won a spa package. So I'm thinking she won some $50 spa thing in the city, one of those things where they get you in the store and give you something free, then you end of spending a bunch of money there, when you go back numerous times after that. So I tell my wife about it, and give her the number to call. They tell her that she won the Grand Prize for an Owens Corning sponsored giveaway. This was the National Grand Prize, from all the entries across the nation, from all of these hundreds of home shows or something. Thousands of entries, and her name was drawn. What are the chances right? Then to add to the weirdness, I use and purchase Owens Corning products with my company that I own, there was no collusion I assure you, just another weird synchronicity. So this is like a $6,000 all inclusive trip, airfare, lodging, food, the spa packages, and so on. The Spa was the Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona. I guess a lot of movie stars and hollywood types go there, and it was awesome, let me tell you. Well beyond anything I would have ever experienced in my life.

So we get two free spa things at the place. They offer tons of messages, deep tissue, all these swanky things. My wife goes online, and we are trying to choose the two that we want. She goes through almost all of them, and I'm thinking, "go on, no, not that." As if something was telling me to keep going. So I ask, "Don't they have anything else?" And she finds a page where they have things like Acupuncture and other Asian type of treatments. Well, when she says acupuncture like bells and whistles start going off in my head, so I said, "Yeah, I'm doing acupuncture." She was like, "Are you sure." "Yeah, for sure." Then there were a lot more pages of messages and such. I was getting a little bummed. I said, "There has got to be something else." Then she found this link for "consultations" And there is was "Astrology" I knew that was it, no doubt about it. I was having an astrology reading. My wife said, "Wouldn't you rather have a message?" I said, "No way." So we scheduled it all. And away we went. I had this feeling right after seeing the astrology thing that this whole thing was fated for me to have this astrology reading. I didn't know why, but it kept coming to me. I kept trying to shrug it off, as "crazy talk", but it was being shown to me, I just knew it. Can't explain it, but I felt like she won this trip, for me to meet with this astrologer, which doesn't make sense I know.

I go in to where they told us to check in for our treatments, they pointed me towards a locker room, to wait there, and the astrologer would come to get me. So, I'm waiting, and waiting, and then a guy comes in, I knew it was him, and he looks at me and says, "Craig". I got up and walked out of the locker room. I noticed right away this guy was extremely, overly excited. He said, "Oh, we have so much to talk about, we have to hurry." He kept on that we had so much to go over, and not enough time to get it all in. He was acting like a little kid, so excited. I was thinking, what is up with this guy, does he act like this with everyone? Normally, I'm pretty quiet, and keep to myself, but I had to know what was up. So I ask him if he gets this excited with everyone. He said, "Oh, no, you don't understand who you are, Craig. We have a lot to talk about." It was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

Well, for now, long story short. The reading was amazing. He knew things about me that no one knows, not even my mother, not my wife, no one. He did touch me to the soul level, and that is where my awakening began. I knew right away that something had been tapped into, and all the feelings that this trip was for me to meet with this astrologer were confirmed. I had so much going on in my head, I was trying to remember as much of what he said as possible. I didn't take notes, and I had a digital audio recorder, but out of respect for him, I didn't use it. So I scrambled afterwards to scribble down on a small notepad at the spa, all that I could remember. It was truly mindblowing, but all that he said resonated on such a deep, deep soul level, it was amazing, and as wild as some things seemed, I knew they were correct, and I had to heed them.

It wasn't long after getting back that an incredible journey began, with synchronicities and a guided learning tour full of research and understanding began. And it was in high gear as if time was short to learn and remember.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My awakening

Well, my whole life it seems I've had strange experiences. When I was very young I had premonitions in my dreams. I always knew from the time that I first heard about ESP in the 70's that "I have that". When I heard them describe what it was, that is what was going on with me. Of course any time that I shared my experiences with my parents they would just say, "Oh you have a wild imagination!" That is fine, but what do I do about these dreams that I have, and then the exact things happen in real life a few days later??? So naturally, I just tried to push it to the side, and hope they didn't continue to occur.

I remember the first one, that showed me that something was up. I had a dream about a small plane crashing, I remember what the plane looked like, and I remembered the number on the back fin of the craft. Then within a week I saw the crash on TV, and the fin number matched my dream. I was thinking, "What the heck is going on, I saw that in my dream?" Way too much to handle or understand for like a kid under the age of 8 years old. I don't remember exactly how old I was. My most vivid occurence of a dream coming true occured when I was 8 years old. One night I had a dream about my sisters apartment in Columbia. Thing was, I was 8, I didn't even know that she lived in an apartment. But I had this dream. I saw the apartments as we drove up, and I remember my sister answering the door, and I could see the contents of her apartment. Then I found out like the next day, or maybe a couple of days later that my parents and I were going to Columbia to visit my sister in her new apartment. First I had heard about it. So we head to Columbia, and I spotted the apartments before we got close to the turn. "Those are the ones from my dream!" I didn't say anything to my parents about the dream, they would just say I was imagining things anyway. So we are walking up to the apartment door and it was just like my dream, to a T. Everything looked just as my dream. Then I knock at the door and my sister answers, again like the dream, but not shocking. Then as the door came open, I got that weird feeling come over me. Everything was just as in my dream in her apartment, all the way down to all of the little nick nack stuff. Talk about freaking you out at 8 years old. I had no idea how to rationalize this and no one to talk to about it.

Now, years later I have spoken to my sister about it and I told my mom about it. My mothers comment was this, "Well you always did have ESP, I knew that a long time ago." And to validate that for her, when my mother would call at times I would say, "such and such died." She would reply, "How did you know that?" And I would say, "I don't know, I just knew that they died."

For years I tried to block out and logically rationalize my weird knowings and synchronicities. Generally I would say things like, "Wow, that is a weird coincidence," and just write it off. Now looking back it would be nice to have a journal of all of the occurences, because there would be enough for a book by now.

Just over 2 years ago my awakening began, and the synchronicities and strange things occur now on a daily basis. Knowing that a certain person is sending me either a text, an email, or about to call. When the phone rings, knowing who it is that is calling almost every time. I think about someone, and then they contact me. Telepathy, this has occured numerous times throughout my life, and I really wrote these events off at the time, as just coincidence, or minds that think alike or something, but now I know better. Mostly I have been a sender of telepathic things, but recently it seems that I'm now receiving as well. As thoughts pop into my head with no thought process, and I just say them, and by the reaction of people around them, it seems they were just getting ready to say the exact phrase that I just said.

At my work, I would be ready to say something to an employee, they would have their backs turned to where they couldn't see me, and I would think the thought in my head, and stop myself from saying it at the last moment, and then the employees would turn and say, "What?" So I would say of course, "I didn't say anything." They would look at me funny at first. Then a few months later, after saying "What?" They would say, "I heard your voice!" And I would say, "I didn't say anything." One day was the clincher though, I was thinking about a certain phrase, and it had two female names in it, and I said it in my head in a certain way, just before saying it aloud, I stopped myself. About 30 feet away, one of my employees had his back to me, didn't notice that I was about to say something, and he turned and said the exact phrase I said in my own head, he said it aloud to everyone. He even said it in the same context that I did, it was identical, only he said it, not me. I immediately said, "Why did you just say that?" He says, "I don't know, it just popped in my head." Whoa, what is that all about? And the two female names were off the wall names, they weren't people we knew, I was making them up. I was trying to remember the name of my wifes cousin. And these two names came to mind, which were no where near her name, and why I didn't say them out loud.

Upon realizing that these things are really occuring, the telepathy stuff. It sent me thinking of past events where people seemed to do things that I was thinking, that I wanted them to do. Once again, I passed them off as weird coincidences. But many were too detailed and the timing was incredible, like just after I thought about something, then they did it. Some of these events just can't be passed off as anything but telepathy, it is the only explanation really. When someone does something exactly the way you were going to ask for them to do something, but you didn't say anything, and then they do it, and immediately as if I had said it aloud, something is up with that.

Then I've had people tell me that "You have telepathic abilities." One of my employees straight out told me, "You talk to me." I said, "What?" "You talk to me, with your mind." Then he pointed at his head and motioned as if I was sending him things from me to his head. I've had four different employees now that have made comments showing me that I'm sending them messages telepathically. How I'm doing it, I have no idea, but it is happening.

Well, enough for this post.