Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, this was something that I felt was too good to keep from sharing it on my blog. Activ8 is a substance that people should just know about, and if it sounds like it could be of service to them, then great, if not, then that is perfectly OK as well. Some of you may have heard about Activ8, but likely many of you have heard of what it is generally known as White Powder Gold.

I was told about this website from a dear friend of mine, so I checked it out. And I want to share on my blog here about the site I took the liberty to condense from the site their description of Activ8. So I changed some of the wording in order to condense it, but it is mostly their own words, so give credit where credit is due, but I want to share this so that people can read about it, and if interested, can order some from the blue emerald.

White Powder Gold (Activ8) It activates inert coding, to get silent DNA activated. It can be used through ingestion or it can be worn around the neck over the solar plexus region (between the heart chakra and solar plexus). It is aptly named because activation is precisely what happens to you, the 8 represents the infinity symbol. Once it’s blended with your own internal alchemy it becomes something marvelous and precisely specific to you.

Once in your proximity it begins the process of seeking the fictions that stand between you and the Truth, and phasing them out. With the dissolution of falsities what is left is a truer and truer you, the platform from which you move towards your fullest potential.

It is not necessary that the removal and/or transmutation of these barriers be experienced on a conscious level. You may just wake up one day thinking differently. Or you may go through a reliving of the pains of an emotional event that installed the false thoughts or fiction to begin with. Users report that their world is different every, sometimes profoundly, as they move deeper into the experience of the activations. Most users, feel something profound almost immediately.

These falsities, these programs, they’re hung up in your system of being, including the course of your body, often manifesting as disease or other discomforts. Purification is about removal, and once such “programs” are no longer hung up in your system of being, then your body can begin to tap into dormant resources, resources you didn’t even know about. Your physical and mental energy reserves will be a marvel for you. At the same time, your chakras will get opened, balanced and tuned, and your crown chakra will open and lay the groundwork for your blossoming Cosmic Consciousness.

This is how shifts in consciousness take place on a global scale, by spreading activation

Ingredients: Activ8 contains alchemical gold, indium, titanium, boron, selenium, phosphorus, silica and sodium, some of which is bicarbonate, which gives Activ8 powder a slight baking soda taste. Because the powder is the result of the painstaking growth of crystals, which then oxidize into a fine white powder form, the powder is generally considered to be the more powerful form, but many users use both. There are presently three forms of it: half gram and one gram white powder in a simple vial necklace to be used in bathwater preparation and/or to be worn around the neck at the solar and/or heart centers - Activ8 Powder may also be ingested, but wear it for a while to attune your body to it a companion "water" for the powder in ½ ounce
bottles, for the purpose of bathwater preparation; half ounce or one ounce
ingestible liquid to be used in 1 to 6 drop doses once or twice a day.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed that, it may be something some of you have heard about or wanted to know more about, so take what resonates from it, just wanted to put it out there.

Update: Do some research on White Powder Gold, since blogging about this, I've found some good sources who claim that WPG if ingested should be done in small quantities, don't overdo it. More of a good thing, isn't always good. Also be CERTAIN of the quality of the White Powder Gold, especially if ingesting it. Even one alchemist with years of experience producing these products says that he doesn't use White Powder Gold, so do your homework on this subject. Don't get so caught up in the claims that do something that could be doing more "harm" than "good".


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