Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Soul frequency and Vibration

Everything has a frequency, were you aware of that? We think about frequencies maybe when we tune the radio in, or maybe not even then to most people. Frequency is one of those things that effects us at all times during our day, yet we give it no thought at all really. But everything is frequency, everything vibrates at a certain frequency, everything around you right now, is vibrating, though undetectable to our senses, unless you are extremely sensitive to frequencies. Generally we need equipment to detect the frequencies around us. But likely there are things effecting you that you yourself could detect if you learn to sensitize yourself to it. Maybe in fact you are detecting them, making adjustments and choices because of them, only you don't realize it.

Why are you drawn to certain things? Could it be that you resonate to it and its particular frequency? Maybe that certain someone and yourself resonate at almost the same frequency, could that be the reason for the attraction? Or maybe why someone that you normally wouldn't consider yourself drawn to, but for some reason you are, maybe they are at your same frequency vibration. Something to think about for sure.

We all have our own unique frequency signature, kind of like having a fingerprint, consider this our frequency print. It is ours alone or is it? There may be someone or many someones with similar frequencies around you, maybe not exact to yours. So likely your particular frequency is your soul signature. So what about your soul mates, or people from your soul group? Do they have the same frequency, or some portion of their frequency that you all share in some fashion? It is interesting to ponder about.

First of all what is a soul group? This could be the first time you've heard about this. Supposedly a soul group is a group of people that you seem to incarnate with, possibly over and over. You interact with these people in your lifetime and learn specific lessons from them, or you have the opportunity to any way.

A soul mate is any soul that is a member of any one of a broader group and anyone that touches your life. The net effect of a soul mate on your life will always be positive, even if you cannot see it at the time. Over time this will be shown to you, and you will understand it, if you choose to that is. People often have the notion that a soul mate relationship will be the 'ideal relationship,' full of harmony and love. However, a relationship with a soul mate is more likely to be challenging!

The reason that a soul mate turns up in your life is to show you to yourself. Let me repeat that, the reason, that a soul mate turns up in your life, is to show 'you,' yourself. That is the purpose of all human relationships. You learn through viewing in the mirror so to speak, you see yourself, your actions, your ways, through them. The Law of Attraction works in every aspect of your life, and therefore each person drawn into your life is there through vibration, and nothing else. They are present because your vibration and their vibration are matched in some way. And your vibration will vary throughout your day according to many factors, happiness, sadness, illness, etc. etc. So by law of attraction, you will draw like vibrations to your current vibration. Which will help you learn and grow. Hopefully to raise your vibration. That is, if you choose to face this challenge, if you avoid it, then you will likely lower your vibration and/or frequency.

So just imagine for a minute, or think back to a relationship you had, where you believed that you and another were so much alike, that you 'got' each other, that you knew them, and they knew you. Was it challenging at times??? Likely, yes. At times things will seem so right, because you are so alike, and thinking and feeling the same things. It feels like bliss or home. Then other times you will see parts of yourself, that you don't like, that may cause conflict. You may see that something is wrong with them, but maybe something is wrong with yourself, something is being shown to you. Will you face up to it, or run away from it?

We want to grow. It is confusing when we meet the person of our dreams, fall happily in love, and believe that this is our soul mate, then have to pick up the pieces a few years later when the relationship breaks up, or the person you so dearly loved turns out to have some problems or traits that you don't care for. Even though, after all of that, this was your soul mate, and you have many of them.

When we enter into each lifetime we have so called agreements with other souls, maybe double digit numbers of other souls. You offer things to one another. These souls could be your children, friends, husband, wife, or your worst enemy, your boss, partners, all sorts. We each have free will choice so we may create paths that take us in many different directions, and is likely why you have to have agreements with so many different souls from your soul group or or even larger groupings of souls.

The universe works on the principle of vibration, so you will bring in the vibration that you need. Just as Law of Attraction shows. You will attract and be attracted to people who share your current level of vibration. In a relationship, you may meet and share a vibration at first, but along the way one or the other may learn the lesson from that relationship and therefore their vibration changes, and the two no longer can sustain a relationship, so the other is no longer necessary in their life. And they move on. People will continue to come in and out of your life. That is the way that vibration works.

There will be many people come into our lives and there is a compatibility in vibration, and a connection. They may be from your soul family, soul group, or a larger group you are involved with. There is some sort of connection and therefore vibration. You have similar goals in this life and maybe multiple lives. You may have never met on the physical plane, but you may know each other in the non-physical plane. We spend a lot more time in the non-physical than this physical plane of existence.

So what about our parents and siblings, why are they in our lives? Your parents and your children are your soul mates, you not only know them, but you have chosen to work with them to achieve growth. All souls enter this world by agreement with both parents, even if both parents aren't around all the time. Your siblings and parents are likely members of your soul group, but not all will be some will be members of your larger soul groupings that may number in the thousands.

What about this thing about being an "old soul" or a "young" one? According to what I've researched young souls generally come into families where they have quite a few known souls to them for familiarity and for feelings of security. Old souls however may be born into families where maybe only one member of that family is well known to them and even that known soul may just be a soul from a larger group and not their immediate smaller soul grouping. This choice is made because older souls are concerned with introspection more than anything else. They may be preparing to teach or to become a leader. These souls need to experience the feeling of being 'the odd one out', which leads them more to self-examination.

Greater self-examination will lead to more emphasis on self-acceptance. Which is a big part of soul development. Mastering self-acceptance is one of the biggest goals of incarnation in the physical plane. Learning to love yourself, would be an expression that would be pertinent here.

Why is it our nature here on Earth to search for our one true love? We all search for acceptance. We feel like one true love will accept us without any conditions, loving us unconditionally. The search for this is in fact the search for self-acceptance. Every relationship provides an opportunity to know yourself. By knowing yourself, you learn to accept yourself, and to love yourself. "The one true love is self-love."

When you learn to give up resistance and allow things to be as they are, "As you allow everything to be, as it is, God can work through you," you will be one with the Source, with God. What does this mean really? Just allow. Just allow. Give up the resistance, allow things to come in, and work through you. You may not always understand what or why, but just allow.

Hopefully you gain some understanding through this particular blog, maybe it answered some questions and I'm certain that it stirred up some memories and meaning.

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