Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brainwave Frequencies

According to scientific study there are certain brain wave frequencies that have shown certain effects. Here is the breakdown of brain wave frequencies and what occurs at certain frequencies:

1. Delta Waves ( 0.0 - 3.5 hz ) This is the frequency range associated with deep sleep. People do not dream when they are in Delta sleep.

2. Theta Waves ( 3.5 hz to 7.0 hz ) This is the frequency range associated with a hypnotic, deeply relaxed states of consciousness. Lucid Dreams are more prone to occur in theta. The mind is in a twilight state and is prone to free association resulting in amazing mental images. Many PSI phenomenon are noted to occur in theta such as remote viewing, out of body experiences, and astral projection.

3. Alpha Waves ( 7.0 hz to 13.0 hz ) In Alpha, we are awake, but relaxed. Alpha is sometimes described as the 'daydream' state as most daydream activity occurs in persons while in alpha. There are many reports suggesting relationships between people with Fibromyalgia, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD, AD/HD, and other maladies, that may suffer from excessive Alpha with little Beta activity during the normal waking day.

4. Beta Waves ( 13.0 hz to 40.0 hz ) Beta is associated with the fully awake, fully focused mind. High beta without alpha is associated with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and similar issues.

Well, we see according to these well documented brainwave states, what the mind is doing at certain frequency ranges. As we all know when we are asleep we very often have dreams, so as our brainwave frequency lowers we have visual images and scenarios appear as a movie really or seem like we are really there. Let’s expand this list of frequencies and what can occur there a bit more according to documented study. Numerous studies have documented things that occur at certain frequencies. I will keep this list brief, there is an expanded version that can be found here:

3.5 hz Feeling of unity with everything 4.5 hz Shamanic State of Consciousness, Buddhist chants 6.3 hz Mental and astral projection 6.5 hz Brain entrainment of the two hemispheres 7.5 contact with spirit guides, entry into meditation 7.83 hz Shumann Resinance, esp activation 10.0 hz enhanced release of serotonin, hangover cure 20.0 hz imposing subconscious commands on another, stimulation of the pineal gland, used on sinus issues or colds 35 hz balancing of chakras 40.0 Out of body travel 120 helps with fatigue and sinus disorders

So as you can see there are a lot of claims of what can occur when your mind is resonating at certain frequencies. So now that we know a little bit more about at what points the brain is resonating, that certain things can occur, how can we use this? Or do we just have to hope that we accidently reach these frequencies? Well, Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. Wow, seriously? Likely yes. I know the phrase, “brainwave entrainment” shoots feelings of uneasiness through you. But these are brainwaves and frequencies that we all are at naturally, our whole lives at different points in time. All you need is a pulse of a certain frequency to entrain your brain to that same frequency, it is actually quite simple, through sympathetic resonance. Things that we are in close contact, we can actually resonate with them. Here is a quote from a business website using sympathetic resonance, “by directly employing natural resonant frequencies to existing physical systems to enhance output and performance, SRT™ has been proven to increase the quality, efficiency, and structural integrity of chemical, biological, agricultural and other physical systems.” So this has “real world” applications, this isn’t “fringe” or “pseudo” science. This is just how things work through natural frequencies.

You can simply use tones, tuning forks, or anything that creates a pulsing or vibrating effect that you can adjust to resonate with your own body and mind. Brainwave entrainment will occur naturally over a few moments or minutes perhaps of being in close proximity to an outside stimulus. What I have created is my own frequency generator to pulse to certain frequencies to attain this brainwave entrainment. I’m currently starting experimentation with this device and keeping documented track of my findings.

My theory for a while now is that my own ‘supernatural’ experiences have occurred when my mind reaches a certain point. Now I can see that this is a certain frequency. Everything around us vibrates and has it’s own particular signature frequency. Even humans can all be distinguished from one another by our signature frequency, just as we can by a fingerprint or our dna. So I want to see what will happen at individual frequencies, entraining my brainwaves to those frequencies through sympathetic resonance. I could post article links here to show what studies have shown, and they are quite dramatic, even testing known “psychics” to see what the results would be. They conclude that these people were “on” at certain frequencies, on or around the 7.8 – 8.0 hertz frequency range.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doppelgangers in my life?

Possible Doppelgangers in my life.

Back in the 90’s when I was in college I had some strange stories shared with me. Every now and then I had people tell me that I looked like someone that they knew. I didn’t think much about it at the time. Though the people would look at me like it was almost uncanny or something how much I looked like this person. To me I had a unique look, and I had never seen anyone else who seemed to look that much like me really. I didn’t think much about any of it at the time.

We would have a bunch of people over now and then, sometimes decent sized parties, and at a few of them I had people tell me that they had a guy at their school that looked like me, either from high school or from their college. So I was thinking in my head, “OK, so somebody kinda looks like me. So what?” Once again I didn’t think much about it soon after that. Then one day I was walking to class, and I saw someone walking towards me looking in my direction. They seemed to be looking right at me and kind of did that thing where someone lowers their head and moves it to the side to get a better look. They were acting like they were focusing in to see if I was who they thought I was. Then the guy got this look, like “Yeah, that’s who I thought it was.” He stopped me and said, “Gary?” I said, “Ah...., my name is Craig.” Then they looked at me with that look again, like “I know that is him.” He said, “You're not Gary?” He was obviously all confused about what was going on here. I said, “No, sorry, I’m Craig” and I just continued on to class. I just thought it was weird, just thinking that he had mistaken me for someone else.

I was playing baseball in college in 1990 and 1991. One day some of my teammates told me that one of our coaches lost a $20 bet about me. I was like, “What were you guys betting the coach about that had something to do with me?” They said have you seen the guy on campus that looks like you? I said, “No” and sort of laughed. They said yeah, we saw that guy in the Education building, we walked right by him and Coach said, “Hey, there goes McPheeters.” They said, “That’s not McPheeters.” My coach said to them, “Yeah, that was him, I’ll bet you 20 bucks that was McPheeters.” So he went up and said my name to the guy and the guy looked at him funny, so my coach walked away. So basically my coach that had seen me everyday for like 6 months, my pitching coach, couldn’t tell the difference between me and this guy, enough so that he lost $20 because he was so convinced. My teammates went on to tell me that this guy is my freaking twin, looks just like me. They said, “You’ve never seen the guy?” I still thought they were kidding or something. I said, “No, are you serious?” They said they were serious, there is a guy on campus that looks just like you, same height, same hair, same everything.

Still I didn’t make a big deal about this, it was a bit weird. I transferred schools the next year. I never saw the guy, pretty much forgot about the whole thing for a long time. Then people seemed to always think they knew me or they had seen me before. It was starting to get really strange. Like somewhere there are a bunch of guys that look like me, yet I’ve never seen any of them. There was at least one time at this next school where one of my close friends said something like, “I saw you down at the” such and such "today." I was like “What, I wasn't down there today.” They were like, “Yeah, I saw you there.” I just laughed, I don’t know who they thought they saw, but it wasn’t me. They were convinced it was me and I could tell they thought that I was lying to them.

I guess I just thought it was weird that there happens to be some guys out there that look like me. At that time I’d seen some people that resemble other people. I could tell it wasn’t them, but I never forget a face. I just chocked it up as people misidentifying someone. They thought it was me and it wasn’t.

Then a few years back I heard the term doppelganger. A doppelganger is supposedly another you from possibly some other reality. A complete and perfect look-a-like. Often the stories are of people claiming to run into them, or friends dealing with them, they always seem to be like an evil twin or something. There are stories of people seeing them on the street, and they look just like themselves, many even say they were dressed in the same clothes they were wearing at the time, or driving the same make, model and color of car they drive. One guy said that his girlfriend approached his doppelganger thinking it was him to kiss him, and the guy pushed her away like he didn’t know her. I mean if a girlfriend can’t tell the difference in looks, then that is a truly identical twin. Pretty spooky. She said the guy was a jerk to her, nothing like her boyfriend. Another guy shared a story where he continued to see his doppelganger, many times. He would try to follow him. According to him his doppelganger was driving the same car as him. One day he saw him walking on the street, the twin. His doppelganger was wearing the same football jersey as him, same number, and the kicker, it was a personalized jersey, and it had his same nickname on the back. Wow, explain that one rationally! Ok, has your head stopped spinning around yet?

So, I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. I brought up the doppelganger thing. He had never heard the term. He said, "What does that mean, doppelganger?" So I started telling him. He stopped me. He said, “Craig, I had a run in with mine.” I was like, “No way.” He said, “Yes I did, I came face to face with him in my hallway.” He said there was a very negative feel in the air. He could tell he was evil. He said that he binded him away in the name of Jesus, and the thing disappeared. Wow! Now imagine that happening to you in your house here in the next few minutes. Try explaining that one to someone. His wife apparently saw his doppelganger twin as well. I think she saw him first, actually.

So, what sparked me to write this today is this. I was talking on instant messenger today to a guy. We’ve spoken a few times. I had mentioned some of these stories from above, about people swearing that they had seen me, but it couldn’t have been me. I wasn’t at that location when they claimed it occured. I said to him, “At least my own self hasn’t come knocking at my door yet.” He says back to me, “I had a run in with my own self.” I replied, “No way!” he says, “Down at quirk, this was two weeks ago. I went to follow him and he had the same looks of me and everything. I got outside and as I was chasing him, ....I punched him and got a shock. …… He disappeared. And my hand was bleeding.” I said immediately, “No way!” He says, “In my hand” (he was bleeding). So I reply, “Are you serious?” He says, “I still got the mark from it (on his hand). I think he was from an alternate dimension.” I said, “Why would you punch him?” His reply to that was, “Just so we could get answers from him” I guess answers like who he was and stuff, why he looked just like him and all. Assuming they thought he was going to try to get away, and they would never know, why there is some guy that looks identical to him, and why he is running away from them after they saw him. My next comment was, “So he looked just like you, … In every way?” He says, “Yup. My friend Pete saw him.” To that I said, “So another guy saw him, that he looked just like you, and saw him disappear as well?” His reply was, “I saw him too, and ran after him, he bolted.” I said, “But you caught him, tried to punch him, to get answers, and he disappeared as you were punching him? Then your fingers were bloody, and it felt as if you punched someone, only he wasn’t there anymore?” So I paused for a while waiting for a reply, and then this hit me, “Guess you knocked him into next week!" I was laughing uncontrollably after that. I started coughing I was laughing so hard. I’m still laughing about it now as I type this. He replies to that, “lol….yup……that’s weird.” I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t reply back for a while. I said, “Sorry, I can’t stop laughing after that ‘knocked him into next week’ comment.”

Wow, food for thought. So is there truly something to these doppelganger stories? Were my friends seeing my doppelgangers or just someone who looked strikingly like me? I never saw any of these supposed guys that looked “just like you” as they described. People claim they saw mine, and people that I’ve talked to claim that they ran into their own twins, in their cases, their evil twins.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hearing voices of family members that weren't home, continued

I talked with my spiritual advisor or whatever we want to label her with, which I hate labels. She believes that these events have something to do with telepathy. She asked what my feelings were, before she gave me her impression, on what may be causing these occurences of hearing someone from our family speaking to us. I told her it has to be some kind of connection that we have. In each case it seems there was an anticipation of someone coming home, or the entire family coming home. It has something to do with our connection to one another.

I have had multiple telepathic experiences happen in my life. In most cases, maybe all, I had a closeness, an affinity to the person that the experiences occured between them and myself. Usually it would be close friends, girlfriends, my wife, my family, and so on. The one's that woke me up to what was happening were the ones that occured at work, between me and my employees. Those occurences took it from, "I think this is happening" to "OK, something is going on here." Now that I've thought more about these things, when I was a kid, I very often would finish peoples sentences for them, and they would look at me odd. Sometimes even commenting, "How did you know what I was going to say?" Many times I would just think in my head what they were going to say, and they would say it. I think even with my sister and mother, they would ask how I was finishing their sentences, and I may have even said, "Well, I have ESP." It was a forgone conclusion when I was young, after hearing what ESP was, I thought, "Oh, I have that. That is what that is."

I think we are all picking up things using multiple senses at once and likely using intuition at all times as well, right along with our normal five senses. I think at times we are of heightened awareness and picking up things that would often be defined as paranormal or psychic, without thinking much about it. We are generally so entrained into the left brained logical mind of the beta mind wave state that we don't realize we are intuitively picking up things. It is all in our perception, most people's current perception doesn't include thinking at all about anything outside of our normal conditioned ways to think. Not much farther than the physical that they can use the five senses for, they attribute everything to or limit themselves to only that, nothing else is possible.

I know with my awakening, I've realized that this sixth sense isn't something that is seperate from everything else, but it is a part of it. I realize now that I feel and get a knowing of things, using my regular senses along with the intuitive. It is more of a blend, than it is some seperate thing. Sure now and then, you get a heightened impulse or knowing, that could be termed psychic. It comes in different forms, and at varying levels. Many times it is very subtle, and it seems even with those that are viewed as highly gifted, it isn't a clear vision or feeling, it is something they have to almost translate, to which rational or logical thinking can muddy the waters so to speak. I think the typical person believes that a psychic knows everything or something, or it should work that way. And if they can't prove themselves accordingly, then it isn't possible that they get any type of information. It is utterly amazing that anyone could get a knowing ahead of time about something that is going to happen, but since they can't do it right away on command, and know seemingly everything, then it doesn't exist? Wow, that is narrow minded, and limiting. I know the whole need for scientific, over and over to be "real", but many things we know exist, though they don't happen, just when we want them to.

To me people have experienced things, they know they are occuring, and it just becomes a part of them. They don't need a scientific law to prove it to them, they have the proof that it is occuring, they just may not understand it. It is again like ghosts. I guess according to "science" they don't exist, and can't exist, yet probably 85% of the people, likely more, "know" they exist, they have experienced the paranormal. It isn't a scientific law, but it is real, and going on. ESP, psychic, intuitive, metaphysical is really no different to people who have had experiences. They don't understand it, just as I still struggle with it, but I know it is happening, it happens all the time, and many times happens and I don't even think about it being intuitive, after a while it just becomes a part of how you function in this world. Often I don't think about some impulse I've had, I just go about my things. Then I may realize a day or two later, "Why did I know that, or follow that?" And then realize that I guess it was intuitive.

I tell you what, lately they have had some great Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal shows. They have really shown how these kids get the feelings they do, and how it is often a total body feel or use of all of the senses. Each person uses varying levels of things for their knowing. And some get a feel, some get a vision, some hear a voice almost. To me, I don't get a clear vision, I don't get a clear voice, but somehow, I just know. And sometimes it does almost seem like something is telling me, but isn't the same as an auditory voice. It is more like that voice in your head type of thing. Like you talking inside of your own head, not some other person's voice. It guess that is why we doubt the feelings that we are getting. If it was a clear, distinct voice that came through, we might follow it better.

Anyway, I'm tangenting a little. I don't feel now that my entire family having the experience of hearing someone else from the families voice or way of entering the house, has anything to do with a spirit or ghost. It is something to do with our connection to one another, possibly some form of telepathy or telepathic connection. All of us have shown intuitive abilities as well as telepathic abilities at certain times, so I think this is the reason behind it utimately. It is definately strange. I wish I had detailed reports of each occurence, but you write them off at the time, they are confusing, and with our level of experiences at both houses with ghostly type of things, you just figure it is the spirits doing something. I try to document things now, but I still don't type up stuff near enough. I catch the big stuff, and the small everyday stuff just happens, without thinking much about it. You just get used to it really, it is a part of who you are.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knowing that something was wrong with the airplane before our flight

We arrived by car at KCI airport in Kansas City Missouri on January 9th, late morning. Our flight was to leave in the mid afternoon, but we arrived very early to turn in our bags for the flight and then we sat in the waiting area for a few hours before our flight was scheduled to leave. Everything seemed fine to me, no issues, then probably 10 or 15 minutes before they began loading the plane, I got a strong feeling that something was wrong with our plane. I immediately wrote it off as just anxiety because I hadn't flown for a few years. But I got another strong feeling in my gut that something just wasn't right, something was wrong with the plane. I tried not to think much about it. I know that flying is very safe, and rarely does anything go wrong with a plane. It was a strong enough feeling that I mentioned it to my wife. I told her "I'm getting the feeling that something is wrong with the plane." She can attest to this, and has when I told my parents about what happened.

So we board the plane a few minutes later, then we are just sitting there for quite a while on the plane, sitting just off of the runway. The pilot comes over the speaker and says that we are waiting for the de-icing truck to come by to de-ice the plane before we can take off. Was this what I was picking up earlier? I didn't really even think at that time, much about it, de-icing is a regular thing when it is below freezing. They de-ice the plane a few minutes later, and we take off, without issue. A few minutes into the flight we kept hearing a lot of loud noises under the plane, noises we hadn't heard before on previous flights. My wife and I looked at each other like, "What is going on?" Then again a few minutes later, more noises, so I said to my wife, "I don't remember it being this loud before when we've flown." She said, "It wasn't"

Just after this I heard a lady a few rows up say that we have leveled out, we aren't climbing anymore. I also had noticed this and was wondering why we stopped climbing. We were flying fairly low, heading south over the Kansas City metropolitan area. A few moments later the pilot comes over the speaker and says, "We are having some difficulties getting the landing gear to go completely back up into the plane, we will troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed shortly." Immediately I get this feeling, "That won't work, it's not going to go back up into the plane, we will be going back to the airport, we can't fly with the gear sticking out at all." A few moments later, we hear some more loud noises under the plane. Then the pilot comes over the speaker again, "We are still working on the issue with the landing gear on one side. This may delay our arrival into Atlanta." So my little voice kicks in, "No, we are going back to the airport." It was less than a minute later, again the pilot says, "We've been instructed to turn around and come back to the airport. The landing gear is going down just fine, we won't have any problems landing safely back at the airport. They will troubleshoot the problem and then be back on our way to Atlanta."

Well, this is strange as you can see. I over hear a lady speaking with the flight attendant saying, "Does this ever happen?" The flight attendent says, "Well occasionally things happen where we have to return to the airport." I could tell by the way she said it, that this type of thing doesn't happen. The same lady says, "Have you ever been working when the landing gear didn't work properly?" The flight attendent said, "No, this is the first time for me" This looked and seemed like a lady that had been doing this for quite some time. So the pilot had acted like we would stay on board, they would fix the issue and we would then take off, reaching Atlanta still well within our alotted time frame. I start feeling like, "No, we are getting off of this plane, this plane is grounded for the day." Then the pilot informs those passengers who were connecting to flights out of Atlanta to exit the plane. To which I get, "Yeah, we are all getting off of this flight." Right after I think that, the pilot comes back and says,
"I've just been notified, all passengers exit the plane, this plane is grounded for the day." Did he just say "grounded for the day?" Just as the feeling was relayed to me "grounded for the day" So the strangeness continued. It seemed everytime that a statement was made, I got the message somehow, that what was just said, wasn't what would happen.

Then all the passengers were in line back at the airport after exiting the plane. They were saying that we would be scheduled for flights out of Kansas City going to Atlanta. Right after they said that to us, I get another impression, "We won't be on a flight to Atlanta today or tonight." Meaning that my wife and I wouldn't be on a flight to Atlanta today. Sure enough, the last flight going to Atlanta for the day, we were among approximately 20 passengers, who didn't get a seat on that last flight going to Atlanta. We did get to watch it exit the loading dock and move onto the runway.

This is all weird I know, imagine being the one getting the messages. So they reschedule us on US Airways, from Kansas City to Charlotte. We land in Charlotte, and I told my wife, "They won't get our bags onto our flight tonight from Charlotte to Ft. Lauderdale." We land in Ft. Lauderdale that night, everyone is walking down to the baggage claim, and it hits me again, "Our bags won't be there." And I felt like "Why are we even walking over to the baggage claim area?" Sure enough, no bags, none for us anyway. We didn't get our bags until noon the next morning, just before we had to board the ship for our Cruise.

I know, none of this makes any rational sense, but these are the facts, these are the messages that I somehow got along the way on our adventure from Kansas City to the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Ideas on hearing family members when they aren't home

Spoke with a woman about the incident where my son said that he heard me call to him and say, “Alex, Come down here!” Only I wasn’t home. She asked for my theory on what happened and I said it seems to have something to do with us each anticipating someone returning home, and then we heard what sounded like their voice, or we heard what sounded like them coming in the door, and even heard shuffling or footsteps. May be something to do with intuition or precognition, or some kind of connection that we have with one another. Sympathetic resonance possibly.

She said that yes, you are right on it. This has to do with telepathy, mostly. It could also at least partially have something to do with precognition as well.

The more I’ve thought about this, and the events that took place at our old house, the more I’m convinced that this wasn’t anything to do with a spirit or ghost. At the old house we had some spirit activity or ghostly phenomena, so I think when those things happened, my perception at that time was that it must have something to do with the ghosts or spirits that we had encountered at the place.

This latest event didn’t have the feel of a spirit or a ghost, not at all. My current level of perception and including the other experiences I’ve had with telepathy, it seems that telepathy or something within our minds because we are all connected as a family, has something to do with it.

Another strange thing to add here is that my son thought he heard me sternly call for him to come down stairs, and then to my unknowing, a few hours later, I returned home and called for all of my children to come downstairs, and I said it sternly at that time. He didn’t tell me about hearing me call for him a few hours before, when I wasn’t even home. He told me about it the next morning. But this could show precognition, that is a possibility as well. Maybe he sensed an event that would take place later, unknowingly, and it was so real and vivid, that it seemed like it happened.

I feel it has something to do with the connection that we all have, and very possibly to do with our level of intuitive ability and likely could have to do with telepathy. I’ve had numerous telepathic experiences in my life, some were quite dramatic. I played them off at the time, but I’ve been shown since that they were quite real. I’ve sent messages to employees at work, but stopped myself from saying something out loud, they were facing away from me, and turned and said, “What?” Then I say, “I didn’t say anything.” Then they say, “But, I heard your voice, I heard you say something.” I almost said something out loud to them, I thought it in my head and stopped myself. One guy even said verbatim what I started to say, and it was a weird off the wall sentence, with two strange girls names in it, way beyond coincidence or chance. I was shocked when he said it, I asked him immediately, “Why did you just say that?” He said, “I don’t know, it just popped into my head.” This popped in my head is the feeling that seems to always accompany these occurrences, like they were outside of our cognitive functioning, they just came in, and then we said what came in. Without knowing where it came from, with no thought process.

I’ve thought things in my head, shown no physical motion to doing them, no movement on my part, and then the person that I directed the thought to, then went on to do it. At the time, I just believed they for some reason thought to do that, I never gave much thought to it after it happened, it seemed odd timing or that they were thinking the same thing I was, but now I know it was telepathy. It’s one thing if something is going on, and something is the next step, or something needs done, and someone does it, it is entirely different when something is completely random as these events were. A thought enters my head, and then someone does what I was wanting them to do, right after I put the thought through my mind. It is like a cause and effect. As if I said something, and they reacted to it. Like if you punch someone, and they hit you back, cause and effect. It has been exactly like that. But I didn’t do any visible action, no speech either, but caused an effect or reaction. The timing was impeccable. Couldn’t have been more exact. I said something in my head, they reacted as if I said it out loud.

For instance thinking in your mind, it would be cool if they did this, and then right after you think that, the person does it, just as you stated in your mind. Like they are following your intention or wishes completely. It is tough to explain what I have experienced. To me there is no question anymore that this is happening. These things have occurred to me so many times over so many years of my life. I’m certain there would be hundreds, if not thousands of examples if I could remember every event that has happened in my life. But since my mind didn’t see these as anything worthwhile to remember, and likely since I couldn’t rationalize them at the time, the memories just faded away. They weren’t deemed important at the time. So make room for other more important things to store away. Just as the mind takes in millions of bits of information per second, but it only keeps like 16 bits of those millions, what is deemed of importance, the rest is tossed away.

When I was young, I would often finish people’s sentences. It started where I would finish them in my head before they would finish them, then it moved on to where I would stop them and finish their sentence. The really weird part here is that often the language they were using was above my current cognitive level at the time. Which shouldn’t really even be possible. As if I’m in their head or thoughts somehow. Weird, no doubt.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My son heard me tell him to come downstairs, thing is I wasn't home!

I was taking my son to school this morning so he could lift weights. As we approached the school, he said, “Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday when you were gone, I was upstairs and I heard you say, Alex, come down here!” He said that it was my voice that he heard, he had no doubt. He said that he came downstairs, thinking that I must have gotten home or something. He said that it sounded like I was sitting in the recliner, that I normally am sitting in, and that was where the sound came from. He was surprised to see that I wasn’t there in the recliner, and he went walking around the house to find me, and then he found that my truck wasn’t home, and I was no where to be found. I asked him if he was certain that it was my voice and he said that it was my voice, it wasn’t someone elses.

This is a strange event no doubt. This is just a few weeks after the disembodied voice that my daughter and I heard, but this goes much deeper than this. This has happened to all of us in my family, where we hear the voice of one another, but that person isn’t home. This is the first time it has happened at this current house that we live in. It happened to all of us at our last home.

Numerous times I would be in the basement of our old house, on the computer and I would hear my wife holler downstairs for me. I would go upstairs, and no one was home! It even went as far a couple of times where I heard the entry door open on the main floor above me, and I would hear feet shuffling across the entry way, and the door closing, as if my family was home. Then I wouldn’t hear anything more, no footsteps across the floors of the house like they had come on in. Which I would immediately question, like “What the heck? Why aren’t they walking across the floor?” It was as if they had come in the front door, and then just stood there not moving. Then I would go upstairs, and no one was home. I remember one time I was so convinced that my wife had come in the front door, to carry in groceries, which she would do sometimes instead of bringing them through the garage door. I was so convinced she had been home, that I asked her when I saw her, if she came home about 15 minutes ago and then left. She said, “No, why?” And I told her that I swore that I heard her come in the front door, and then nothing more. You get used to someone’s distinct sound of how they come in a door, and it sounded just like it was her coming in, but then no one was there.

So one day I got home, and my wife told me that she was on the computer downstairs and she heard me open up the door at the top of the steps and holler down for her, calling her name and then she heard nothing. After a few minutes she came upstairs, and no one was home. This spooked her a bit, and she asked me about it when I got home. I said, “Nope, I just got home. That’s weird!” Our son says that the same type of things happened to him, his bedroom was downstairs, and he said that numerous times he was downstairs and would hear either my wife or I call for him, then he would come upstairs, and no one was home. I’m pretty certain as well that he says he heard us come in the garage door or front door as well, he would hear footsteps, and the door open and close, and then it got quiet, so he would check it out, and we weren’t there.

After the first few times of these things happening, it definitely made me wonder what was going on, but I didn’t think much about them, I was just confused. Generally there would be large gaps of time between the occurrences, so you don’t think much about them because of that. But when this happens so many times, and now it has happened at our new house, it really gets my mind stirring about what is going on here. We aren’t hearing someone else coming into the house, or calling for us, we are hearing the actual sounds and voices of people in our family. I’ve heard my wife, she has heard me, our son heard my voice, so what is going on here? I was contemplating this just a few minutes ago. It seems in every case that one of us has been alone in the house, and the party that they heard, they were expecting home at any moment. Then it seems like about 10 minutes sometimes more before the person or people return home, one of us hears them either come in the door or holler downstairs for them.

It is like an anticipation of them coming home or something. Maybe a subconscious worry or something about them returning, or someone is feeling lonely or scared at home by themselves. I wondered about it being some kind of residual energy at first. Maybe something that builds up in the matter of the house or the walls or something. But it doesn’t seem to be a residual effect. I guess it could be a residual energy together with the anticipation in our minds that someone will be returning soon. It seems to be the person we anticipate returning home it is that person’s voice that we hear or the their particular footsteps that we hear coming in the door.

I believed that my wife and kids were going to be home soon, and then what I hear is them all returning home, coming in the door, and the distinct sound they normally make coming in the door. When I’ve known my wife will be returning home before long, I’ve heard her call downstairs for me. She knew I was coming home, and she heard me call downstairs to her. My son yesterday believed that I would likely be home before long, and he heard me call for him. Very strange indeed. I don’t know that I’ve heard or seen other reports of this type of thing, but I have to believe if it is happening to us, that it happens to other people as well.

I have to wonder if it is some type of strong premonition that somehow we are manifesting on our own. My whole family is very intuitive, maybe that is why this is occurring. I’m searching, trying to look for all possibilities to narrow this down. After this last event, I know without a doubt it is occurring. All doubt and trying to just write it off as before, is gone. So what is happening here? I won’t stress about it, but it really makes me wonder.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Email posting 1/8/10 Energy, Subtle energy, etc

I talked with a woman last night, she was discussing the whole thing about not being involved with lower energies. I completely understand. Dealing continually with lower energy will bring down your own energy level or vibration.

Definately as this journey continues for me, I realize a lot more about the energies of people, and it helps me understand things and people much better. Not that anyone is better than anyone else, everyone is just in different areas of vibration, and what they are dealing with for their journey. I've always been a watcher and taking in everything in an environment and situation that I can. Trying to understand the motivation from people, like what their agenda is, and I guess without knowing I was feeling things and energies more than I had any idea that I was. I knew about ESP from a young age, but I viewed it as just the premonitions and psychic type of stuff, not really the intuition and feel, and the empathic nature of it. Until fairly recently I didn't realize how empathic I've been my whole life and how I was feeling the energy around me. It explains a lot about my emotions over the years and why I was different than seemingly everyone around me. Mostly from how I felt, when around what is considered darker energy people and how it would affect me.

I've had situations of dark energy so bad, that my nerves were shot, like my system was just shutting down or something. I couldn't take the energy that I was feeling from the environment around me. And this wasn't something that was even directed at me, but I was in that energy environment. That was a weird feeling to say the least. I had to get out of there, as fast as possible. It was if I was short circuiting or something.

I definately see how lower energies effect me, and how it can be very, very subtle. You have to really pay attention to things from many angles. Even things or people that seem like they should be positive from a left brained perspective, there will be subtle signs that I need to pay attention to, that things may not be what they seem from a logical perspective, I've even received the signals, but my human nature is to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to respect people and understand that they are human, just as I am, and that we will all make mistakes. Also that I may not agree with what they believe, and they may not agree with me, and that is OK. I guess, I just find learning and growing in all situations, but I have to know when it is time, that someone keeps showing me lower energies, that I need to not deal with them as much, not so involved, or even allow them to just fade away, and be OK with that.

The great thing is this, at this point right now, I have the confidence in guidance and spirit, that I don't have to have anyone else, if that is what it would come to. My awakening started with it just being me (and whatever guides and spirit was there), being guided to things, and serious synchronicities. I also know that everyone will have a different path, there is no perfect path, that everyone can follow, and get to the same place. There are many paths that lead to the same discoveries, and to the same place, each may be a completely personal thing, that works for them, and no one else. I know this from how I came to the same knowing of things, that was in such a different way than others were coming to it. It was shown to me in a language that I would understand, and through things that I have interest in. I want to share things with people, but what I share, they may get a lot from, or they may not get much, or it may be a small seed planting that will grow when they come across something else on their own and they remember this seedling that I dropped off. I like the thought of everyone gradually awakening each other, showing the proofs that our human physical existence needs. It should help to speed up the process and it gets me excited to help people awaken, even if it is just making them start questioning things more, and researching more. Some people just plain don't want to awaken, or search for the truth, that is their free will choice, and I have to respect it, I do feel bad for them in a way, but it isn't my job to convert people or violently shake them into awakening. It is frustrating in dealing with people who are stuck in such a left brained, incomplete view of things, but some small things I can say, may be better than getting into some long drawn out discussion where the "I'm right" and you are "wrong" eventually plays out. Like the old saying "You can lead a horse to water....."

Before I forget, I'm leaving Saturday morning, and won't be back until late the following Saturday night. My wife won a cruise to the Western Caribbean, Key West, around Cuba (over the Pyramid!), Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and then past the Bahamas and back to Fort Lauderdale. My wife also won the trip to Pheonix where my Awakening was kick started by an Astrologer that I met with. I knew when she won the Phoenix trip that this was something for me, that I was going to have something amazing happen. I also knew that the astrologer reading was that amazing thing that would happen. So now I have to wonder what this Cruise is all about (maybe a past life memory, could be a number of things). Both of these trips were Grand Prizes that my wife's name was drawn. The Pheonix trip was likely out of thousands upon thousands of entries, it was from all of the Home Show events around the country, and was the Grand Prize. The chance of winning had to be astronomical. When my wife read the choices of Spa packages we had at this place, I didn't like any of them, when she said, "Astrologer" I got serious sensations, and I tried to talk myself away from it, and something wouldn't let me, I was getting, "No, you will have an astrology reading." My wife kept saying for days, "Are you sure?" I said, "yep, no doubts" I did astrology and acupuncture and nothing would have been a better experience at this time, than those choices.

Thanks for listening