Friday, January 8, 2010

Email posting 1/8/10 Energy, Subtle energy, etc

I talked with a woman last night, she was discussing the whole thing about not being involved with lower energies. I completely understand. Dealing continually with lower energy will bring down your own energy level or vibration.

Definately as this journey continues for me, I realize a lot more about the energies of people, and it helps me understand things and people much better. Not that anyone is better than anyone else, everyone is just in different areas of vibration, and what they are dealing with for their journey. I've always been a watcher and taking in everything in an environment and situation that I can. Trying to understand the motivation from people, like what their agenda is, and I guess without knowing I was feeling things and energies more than I had any idea that I was. I knew about ESP from a young age, but I viewed it as just the premonitions and psychic type of stuff, not really the intuition and feel, and the empathic nature of it. Until fairly recently I didn't realize how empathic I've been my whole life and how I was feeling the energy around me. It explains a lot about my emotions over the years and why I was different than seemingly everyone around me. Mostly from how I felt, when around what is considered darker energy people and how it would affect me.

I've had situations of dark energy so bad, that my nerves were shot, like my system was just shutting down or something. I couldn't take the energy that I was feeling from the environment around me. And this wasn't something that was even directed at me, but I was in that energy environment. That was a weird feeling to say the least. I had to get out of there, as fast as possible. It was if I was short circuiting or something.

I definately see how lower energies effect me, and how it can be very, very subtle. You have to really pay attention to things from many angles. Even things or people that seem like they should be positive from a left brained perspective, there will be subtle signs that I need to pay attention to, that things may not be what they seem from a logical perspective, I've even received the signals, but my human nature is to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to respect people and understand that they are human, just as I am, and that we will all make mistakes. Also that I may not agree with what they believe, and they may not agree with me, and that is OK. I guess, I just find learning and growing in all situations, but I have to know when it is time, that someone keeps showing me lower energies, that I need to not deal with them as much, not so involved, or even allow them to just fade away, and be OK with that.

The great thing is this, at this point right now, I have the confidence in guidance and spirit, that I don't have to have anyone else, if that is what it would come to. My awakening started with it just being me (and whatever guides and spirit was there), being guided to things, and serious synchronicities. I also know that everyone will have a different path, there is no perfect path, that everyone can follow, and get to the same place. There are many paths that lead to the same discoveries, and to the same place, each may be a completely personal thing, that works for them, and no one else. I know this from how I came to the same knowing of things, that was in such a different way than others were coming to it. It was shown to me in a language that I would understand, and through things that I have interest in. I want to share things with people, but what I share, they may get a lot from, or they may not get much, or it may be a small seed planting that will grow when they come across something else on their own and they remember this seedling that I dropped off. I like the thought of everyone gradually awakening each other, showing the proofs that our human physical existence needs. It should help to speed up the process and it gets me excited to help people awaken, even if it is just making them start questioning things more, and researching more. Some people just plain don't want to awaken, or search for the truth, that is their free will choice, and I have to respect it, I do feel bad for them in a way, but it isn't my job to convert people or violently shake them into awakening. It is frustrating in dealing with people who are stuck in such a left brained, incomplete view of things, but some small things I can say, may be better than getting into some long drawn out discussion where the "I'm right" and you are "wrong" eventually plays out. Like the old saying "You can lead a horse to water....."

Before I forget, I'm leaving Saturday morning, and won't be back until late the following Saturday night. My wife won a cruise to the Western Caribbean, Key West, around Cuba (over the Pyramid!), Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and then past the Bahamas and back to Fort Lauderdale. My wife also won the trip to Pheonix where my Awakening was kick started by an Astrologer that I met with. I knew when she won the Phoenix trip that this was something for me, that I was going to have something amazing happen. I also knew that the astrologer reading was that amazing thing that would happen. So now I have to wonder what this Cruise is all about (maybe a past life memory, could be a number of things). Both of these trips were Grand Prizes that my wife's name was drawn. The Pheonix trip was likely out of thousands upon thousands of entries, it was from all of the Home Show events around the country, and was the Grand Prize. The chance of winning had to be astronomical. When my wife read the choices of Spa packages we had at this place, I didn't like any of them, when she said, "Astrologer" I got serious sensations, and I tried to talk myself away from it, and something wouldn't let me, I was getting, "No, you will have an astrology reading." My wife kept saying for days, "Are you sure?" I said, "yep, no doubts" I did astrology and acupuncture and nothing would have been a better experience at this time, than those choices.

Thanks for listening

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