Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ideas on hearing family members when they aren't home

Spoke with a woman about the incident where my son said that he heard me call to him and say, “Alex, Come down here!” Only I wasn’t home. She asked for my theory on what happened and I said it seems to have something to do with us each anticipating someone returning home, and then we heard what sounded like their voice, or we heard what sounded like them coming in the door, and even heard shuffling or footsteps. May be something to do with intuition or precognition, or some kind of connection that we have with one another. Sympathetic resonance possibly.

She said that yes, you are right on it. This has to do with telepathy, mostly. It could also at least partially have something to do with precognition as well.

The more I’ve thought about this, and the events that took place at our old house, the more I’m convinced that this wasn’t anything to do with a spirit or ghost. At the old house we had some spirit activity or ghostly phenomena, so I think when those things happened, my perception at that time was that it must have something to do with the ghosts or spirits that we had encountered at the place.

This latest event didn’t have the feel of a spirit or a ghost, not at all. My current level of perception and including the other experiences I’ve had with telepathy, it seems that telepathy or something within our minds because we are all connected as a family, has something to do with it.

Another strange thing to add here is that my son thought he heard me sternly call for him to come down stairs, and then to my unknowing, a few hours later, I returned home and called for all of my children to come downstairs, and I said it sternly at that time. He didn’t tell me about hearing me call for him a few hours before, when I wasn’t even home. He told me about it the next morning. But this could show precognition, that is a possibility as well. Maybe he sensed an event that would take place later, unknowingly, and it was so real and vivid, that it seemed like it happened.

I feel it has something to do with the connection that we all have, and very possibly to do with our level of intuitive ability and likely could have to do with telepathy. I’ve had numerous telepathic experiences in my life, some were quite dramatic. I played them off at the time, but I’ve been shown since that they were quite real. I’ve sent messages to employees at work, but stopped myself from saying something out loud, they were facing away from me, and turned and said, “What?” Then I say, “I didn’t say anything.” Then they say, “But, I heard your voice, I heard you say something.” I almost said something out loud to them, I thought it in my head and stopped myself. One guy even said verbatim what I started to say, and it was a weird off the wall sentence, with two strange girls names in it, way beyond coincidence or chance. I was shocked when he said it, I asked him immediately, “Why did you just say that?” He said, “I don’t know, it just popped into my head.” This popped in my head is the feeling that seems to always accompany these occurrences, like they were outside of our cognitive functioning, they just came in, and then we said what came in. Without knowing where it came from, with no thought process.

I’ve thought things in my head, shown no physical motion to doing them, no movement on my part, and then the person that I directed the thought to, then went on to do it. At the time, I just believed they for some reason thought to do that, I never gave much thought to it after it happened, it seemed odd timing or that they were thinking the same thing I was, but now I know it was telepathy. It’s one thing if something is going on, and something is the next step, or something needs done, and someone does it, it is entirely different when something is completely random as these events were. A thought enters my head, and then someone does what I was wanting them to do, right after I put the thought through my mind. It is like a cause and effect. As if I said something, and they reacted to it. Like if you punch someone, and they hit you back, cause and effect. It has been exactly like that. But I didn’t do any visible action, no speech either, but caused an effect or reaction. The timing was impeccable. Couldn’t have been more exact. I said something in my head, they reacted as if I said it out loud.

For instance thinking in your mind, it would be cool if they did this, and then right after you think that, the person does it, just as you stated in your mind. Like they are following your intention or wishes completely. It is tough to explain what I have experienced. To me there is no question anymore that this is happening. These things have occurred to me so many times over so many years of my life. I’m certain there would be hundreds, if not thousands of examples if I could remember every event that has happened in my life. But since my mind didn’t see these as anything worthwhile to remember, and likely since I couldn’t rationalize them at the time, the memories just faded away. They weren’t deemed important at the time. So make room for other more important things to store away. Just as the mind takes in millions of bits of information per second, but it only keeps like 16 bits of those millions, what is deemed of importance, the rest is tossed away.

When I was young, I would often finish people’s sentences. It started where I would finish them in my head before they would finish them, then it moved on to where I would stop them and finish their sentence. The really weird part here is that often the language they were using was above my current cognitive level at the time. Which shouldn’t really even be possible. As if I’m in their head or thoughts somehow. Weird, no doubt.

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