Friday, January 28, 2011

I Got Pulled Over, But I Shouldn't Have

Late in the summer of 2010, we were working on a roof in Kearney. We had a long tiring day of work. We had just left the jobsite, not a couple of minutes into our drive towards home. I was tired, and just trying to relax. I was heading north on 33 Hwy through town. As I approached a large intersection, I began feeling or hearing, "take the back way....take the back way". At the upcoming intersection, I could take a right, and go by the High School, and hit a road on the east side of Kearney to get to 92 Hwy. Twice at least, I was being told to take the back way. I even thought in my head, "Na, I will just keep heading north, it is easier to drive."

So, I'm heading north, driving really slow, because I'm tired. The speed limit is 35 mph, and I'm going maybe 30 to 32, and this is going downhill even. Then I had to make my way somewhat uphill for quite a while. I was pulling my trailer, which was pretty loaded down with old shingles. I was definately in no hurry at all, just trying to chill out after a rough day at work. Next thing I know, I hear a police siren, so I slow down, and expect him to fly around me after someone else. Nope, he's pulling in behind me, with siren blaring, and the cherries going everywhere. So I pull off the main road onto a side street.

He takes his time coming up to my vehicle, as they so often do. He says, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I said, "No" I had no idea, I was honestly worried that my trailer was an issue or something. He said, "You were speeding coming down through here." I said, "I was, I thought the speed limit was 35" He said, "Nope, it drops to 25 right back there." I apologized for speeding, and told him that I wasn't aware that I was, I really wasn't in a hurry. He went back to his car, and I proceeded to tell my passenger that I have never gotten out of a ticket in my life, never had been issued just a warning. Fortunately, there is a first time for everything. Only a warning, but I apparently actually missed my warning earlier. The one telling me, "take the back way....take the back way".

Another lesson learned, follow your instincts, and most of all your intuition. Many times it is so subtle, and your logical mind talks you out of it. Making you think it is all nonsense. Listen to it. It might make your day go a lot better, or even save your life someday.

My Roommate and his encounter with our ghost

The story after this post explains the noises we would hear in the night at our apartment in college. This is the experience that my roommate had with the Ghost in our apartment.

I believe this event took place after my roommate and I had shared that we both were hearing the hallway closet door open and close in the night for nearly 2 years straight. I woke up one morning, and looked over, and my roommate was sitting up in bed a bit, and I could tell that something was wrong. I immediately asked him, "What is wrong?" He sat there for a minute and said something like, "You won't believe me" This is a guy I had known for years, he was my best friend, the person I could trust the most to tell me the truth. I tried to tell him that I will believe him. He was certain that I wouldn't. I said to him, "what happened?.....What's wrong" He said again, "Man, you won't believe me!"

I finally coersed him into telling me. He said that he woke up to a sound in the middle of the night. That he opened his eyes and looked up, and he saw the head of a woman floating in front of him, and over his bed. He said it scared him, and he was telling it to go away. But, it didn't go away. He said that he told it again, to go away, it didn't move. Then he said that it moved to right in front of him, and he tried to punch it. When his fist got to where the face was, that it disappeared, just kind of vaporized.

He said that it was an old woman, and that she was ugly. He could see her face and her hair, and that was about it. There was no body to go with her face or head. This really shook him up, as I can imagine it would. He didn't really want to talk about this encounter, after that. I tried to bring it up a few times, and right away, he didn't want to talk, he didn't even want it entering into his mind. He just wanted to forget that it ever happened.

This was really my first, confirmed experience with a ghost, at our apartment in college. The first time that for sure, what I was experiencing, could be confirmed.

Haunted Apartment in College

I've told this story many times in my life to share with people my experiences with ghosts. I've never however written it down, just told it from memory.

Back in 1991 until the end of 1993, 2 1/2 years I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other friends of mine. We were all attending a college in that smallish town at the time. We were all in our early 20's in age. Ghosts were about as far from our minds as you can get, having fun and looking for girls were our greatest interests at the time. Oh yeah, and going to class, more like having to go to class.

Not long after we moved in, I began noticing the closet door in the hallway, opening and closing in the middle of the night. It always happened really late, likely after midnight each night. I mean, we were young, we stayed up late, and it was after we would go to bed. I don't recall hearing it when I was in the living room. The door made a distinct sound when you opened it, and closed it. No mistaking which door it was when you heard it. Immediately, hallway closet door would pop into your conscious mind.

This went on for month after month, not happening every night or anything. None of us brought it up to the others, I know I didn't. I didn't want anyone to think I was nuts. So we kept it to ourselves. We had one roommate, that would come in at all hours of the night, and often he would take a shower, when he got in, even at 2 or 3 am, he would still take a shower. I rationalized it as him coming in late, and opening the closet to get a towel. That is where we kept all of the towels for the bathroom.

I remember at some point, I was hearing this sound, almost night after night, and finally it was really starting to stick in my mind, and I began to wonder, what for sure was causing it. One night I was startled awake to the sound of that closet door opening, then closing, then opening again, and then closing again. That didn't exactly make sense, why was he needing to open it twice in a row. So I got up out of bed, I was going to see for certain, what is going on. Honestly, I was a bit scared, because it had occured to me before, that it might be a ghost. That wasn't rational though, and I was a logical and rational person. As I went to open my door to my room, I could clearly see my roommate that shared a room with me, in his bed. My other 2 roommates shared the other room in the apartment. Their door to their room was just to the left as I opened my door. I couldn't see anything or anyone in the hallway or the bathroom for that matter. I began to look to my left and I was praying that only one of my roommates was in bed asleep. I scanned their room quickly, and they were both! sound asleep! Wow, some serious stuff started coming up through my chest and I closed the door to my room as fast as I possibly could.

I got back into bed quickly, and my heart was pounding away. I knew now for certain that it wasn't my roommate, that I had rationalized it had to be. It wasn't any of my roommates that had been opening and closing the closet door over the 2 1/2 years that we lived there.

I still kept my mouth shut about this, and tried not to think about it. Fortunately in college you are so busy with things, you don't have time to worry about something like that, and you dang sure, don't want to admit you think there is a ghost in the apartment. One day the guy who shared a room with me, asked me if I had ever heard the hallway closet door close in the night, and he asked in a way that he was obviously perplexed by it. I said, "oh, yeah" and he about came unglued. He said, "You've heard it too?" I said, "yep" He said, "Well what is it?" I told him about the night I got up, and everyone was sound asleep, right after I heard it. I told him it must be a ghost. He did not want to hear that, by his reaction. I told him I thought it was Tom, he said he thought that too, but it was happening so often he began to question it.

A few weeks later, this same roommate saw the ghost over his bed in the night.

Friend Of Mine Felt An Unseen Force Today. Ghost?

Two friends of mine were planning to go through some things today at their great grandparents home, and invited me to go with them. We went through a bunch of their grandparents things inside the house, and also in the garage for a few hours. We then returned to the house, and walked around the basement for a few minutes. We came back upstairs to the kitchen and we were talking about their great grandmother and her affinity for owls (the hoot, hoot thing). One of the brothers was standing about 4 feet from where I was standing. All of a sudden he said "something just grabbed my foot!" We thought he was joking at first, but we could see within a few seconds that he wasn't joking.

I was standing near him, and actually looking in his direction the whole time. I saw nothing on the floor anywhere near him, the nearest thing was a chair, by the kitchen table. It was probably at least 2 feet away, and no way that he contacted it, or it to him. He was soon after obviously trying to rationalize the situation, and also explaining to us how it felt to him. He explained that it felt as if either someone grabbed his foot as he picked it up to begin walking, or that it felt as if something was in front of his foot, keeping it from moving forward. He couldn't move it freely forward to walk. He was having trouble distinguishing which it was. He just couldn't move his foot in a fluid motion forward. He said that as he tried to move it he also heard what sounded like something moving across the floor near his foot. Seemed almost like a scraping sound as he described it. I happened to be talking at the moment this happened, so I was unable to hear anything.

I could clearly see his foot, and I saw him start to move, and then he didn't move. Then he began saying that something grabbed his foot. Shortly after this experience, he moved away from the area. He then said, "Look at my arms! The hair is standing on end and I have goosebumps!" I took a look, definately his hair was all standing up and he had very visible goosebumps.

The reason that I was asked to go with them, was to see if I had any feelings there, or if I picked up on anything. I didn't really pick up anything and even when this event occured, I didn't notice anything at the time. Hours earlier, I did sense there might be a presence in an upstairs bedroom, and while we were downstairs on the first floor, something was really pushing me to want to go upstairs.

Hoot! Hoot! Popped into my head

Psychic experience 1 27 11 5:30 PM Ok, this just happened. A friend of mine called me to see if I was going with him tomorrow to his grandmothers old house in Hamilton. They are cleaning some stuff and organizing some things at her house.

I told him I was in, and he said he would pick me up around 9am in the morning. Seemed like we were about ready to get off of the phone. And then he said something about how when they went to his grandmothers house they would always say two words as they went through the door. I thought to myself, “I wonder what that would be?” I paused for a second or so, and “hoot, hoot” popped in my head from out of nowhere. He went on talking about something, and I was talking in my head to myself thinking, “that can’t be what it is, hoot, hoot.” Then he said, “Well, it actually is one word that we say two times.” Right after he said that, “hoot, hoot” pops in my head again, and it feels like something is pushing me to say it aloud. I was getting like nervous and stuff. Still telling myself, that can’t be it, that can't be the saying they would say. Then, “hoot, hoot” pops in my head again, and then I said, “Is it ‘hoot, hoot’?” And he says something like, “What did you say?” I said it again, and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!....Are you serious?....Why did you say that?” I said, “That’s not it, is it?” And he said, “Yeah, we said that when we walked into her house, everytime that we walked through the door.” She had an affinity for owls, and he said that her house was full of art and crafts with owls depicted.

He was blown away, and really I was too, to be honest. That is what popped into my head, out of the thousands of words that it could have been. I have no idea how I knew, really, logically I didn’t know. That is what popped into my head, and I was being prodded to say it to him. So I did.

He gave me no indications that could have led me to that, nothing at all. He just told me that they say these 2 words when they go through the front door, that was it, and in it popped.

I Think the whole reason he brought up this thing about the two words, was because I have a device called the "PX", like the ones you can see being used on the "Ghost Adventures" show. This "PX" will say words, alledgedly a spirit can manipulate the environment to make certain words come from the box. I think that he was thinking how crazy it would be if the PX said those 2 words he was thinking about, that they say when they walk in the door. Then I got the words pop into my mind either from me asking the question of what words are they, or I picked it up from him somehow, and what he was thinking in his mind while we were on the phone.

One way or another, this event took place. He was blown away by it, and couldn't figure out how I possibly could have come up with "hoot, hoot".

So busy I haven't posted in a very, very long time

I haven't posted to this blog in so very long. Last year was so busy, I didn't have time to post my experiences. Does that mean that my experiences stopped, oh hell no, not my any means. Instead they have increased dramatically.

My plan is to attempt to post some of the experiences, that I did have time to document from 2010, and also those experiences that have take place already in 2011.

Honestly right now, I have many experiences each and every day. So keeping a journal of them, is nearly impossible for me to do. It would take up so much of my time. I have a lot of interests, and I'm getting a lot of intuitive info, and speaking to quite a few people each day.

I need to journal the things that happen. So many things throughout the years, I forget about, until maybe someone else, brings them up.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brainwave Frequencies

According to scientific study there are certain brain wave frequencies that have shown certain effects. Here is the breakdown of brain wave frequencies and what occurs at certain frequencies:

1. Delta Waves ( 0.0 - 3.5 hz ) This is the frequency range associated with deep sleep. People do not dream when they are in Delta sleep.

2. Theta Waves ( 3.5 hz to 7.0 hz ) This is the frequency range associated with a hypnotic, deeply relaxed states of consciousness. Lucid Dreams are more prone to occur in theta. The mind is in a twilight state and is prone to free association resulting in amazing mental images. Many PSI phenomenon are noted to occur in theta such as remote viewing, out of body experiences, and astral projection.

3. Alpha Waves ( 7.0 hz to 13.0 hz ) In Alpha, we are awake, but relaxed. Alpha is sometimes described as the 'daydream' state as most daydream activity occurs in persons while in alpha. There are many reports suggesting relationships between people with Fibromyalgia, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD, AD/HD, and other maladies, that may suffer from excessive Alpha with little Beta activity during the normal waking day.

4. Beta Waves ( 13.0 hz to 40.0 hz ) Beta is associated with the fully awake, fully focused mind. High beta without alpha is associated with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and similar issues.

Well, we see according to these well documented brainwave states, what the mind is doing at certain frequency ranges. As we all know when we are asleep we very often have dreams, so as our brainwave frequency lowers we have visual images and scenarios appear as a movie really or seem like we are really there. Let’s expand this list of frequencies and what can occur there a bit more according to documented study. Numerous studies have documented things that occur at certain frequencies. I will keep this list brief, there is an expanded version that can be found here:

3.5 hz Feeling of unity with everything 4.5 hz Shamanic State of Consciousness, Buddhist chants 6.3 hz Mental and astral projection 6.5 hz Brain entrainment of the two hemispheres 7.5 contact with spirit guides, entry into meditation 7.83 hz Shumann Resinance, esp activation 10.0 hz enhanced release of serotonin, hangover cure 20.0 hz imposing subconscious commands on another, stimulation of the pineal gland, used on sinus issues or colds 35 hz balancing of chakras 40.0 Out of body travel 120 helps with fatigue and sinus disorders

So as you can see there are a lot of claims of what can occur when your mind is resonating at certain frequencies. So now that we know a little bit more about at what points the brain is resonating, that certain things can occur, how can we use this? Or do we just have to hope that we accidently reach these frequencies? Well, Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. Wow, seriously? Likely yes. I know the phrase, “brainwave entrainment” shoots feelings of uneasiness through you. But these are brainwaves and frequencies that we all are at naturally, our whole lives at different points in time. All you need is a pulse of a certain frequency to entrain your brain to that same frequency, it is actually quite simple, through sympathetic resonance. Things that we are in close contact, we can actually resonate with them. Here is a quote from a business website using sympathetic resonance, “by directly employing natural resonant frequencies to existing physical systems to enhance output and performance, SRT™ has been proven to increase the quality, efficiency, and structural integrity of chemical, biological, agricultural and other physical systems.” So this has “real world” applications, this isn’t “fringe” or “pseudo” science. This is just how things work through natural frequencies.

You can simply use tones, tuning forks, or anything that creates a pulsing or vibrating effect that you can adjust to resonate with your own body and mind. Brainwave entrainment will occur naturally over a few moments or minutes perhaps of being in close proximity to an outside stimulus. What I have created is my own frequency generator to pulse to certain frequencies to attain this brainwave entrainment. I’m currently starting experimentation with this device and keeping documented track of my findings.

My theory for a while now is that my own ‘supernatural’ experiences have occurred when my mind reaches a certain point. Now I can see that this is a certain frequency. Everything around us vibrates and has it’s own particular signature frequency. Even humans can all be distinguished from one another by our signature frequency, just as we can by a fingerprint or our dna. So I want to see what will happen at individual frequencies, entraining my brainwaves to those frequencies through sympathetic resonance. I could post article links here to show what studies have shown, and they are quite dramatic, even testing known “psychics” to see what the results would be. They conclude that these people were “on” at certain frequencies, on or around the 7.8 – 8.0 hertz frequency range.