Friday, January 28, 2011

Friend Of Mine Felt An Unseen Force Today. Ghost?

Two friends of mine were planning to go through some things today at their great grandparents home, and invited me to go with them. We went through a bunch of their grandparents things inside the house, and also in the garage for a few hours. We then returned to the house, and walked around the basement for a few minutes. We came back upstairs to the kitchen and we were talking about their great grandmother and her affinity for owls (the hoot, hoot thing). One of the brothers was standing about 4 feet from where I was standing. All of a sudden he said "something just grabbed my foot!" We thought he was joking at first, but we could see within a few seconds that he wasn't joking.

I was standing near him, and actually looking in his direction the whole time. I saw nothing on the floor anywhere near him, the nearest thing was a chair, by the kitchen table. It was probably at least 2 feet away, and no way that he contacted it, or it to him. He was soon after obviously trying to rationalize the situation, and also explaining to us how it felt to him. He explained that it felt as if either someone grabbed his foot as he picked it up to begin walking, or that it felt as if something was in front of his foot, keeping it from moving forward. He couldn't move it freely forward to walk. He was having trouble distinguishing which it was. He just couldn't move his foot in a fluid motion forward. He said that as he tried to move it he also heard what sounded like something moving across the floor near his foot. Seemed almost like a scraping sound as he described it. I happened to be talking at the moment this happened, so I was unable to hear anything.

I could clearly see his foot, and I saw him start to move, and then he didn't move. Then he began saying that something grabbed his foot. Shortly after this experience, he moved away from the area. He then said, "Look at my arms! The hair is standing on end and I have goosebumps!" I took a look, definately his hair was all standing up and he had very visible goosebumps.

The reason that I was asked to go with them, was to see if I had any feelings there, or if I picked up on anything. I didn't really pick up anything and even when this event occured, I didn't notice anything at the time. Hours earlier, I did sense there might be a presence in an upstairs bedroom, and while we were downstairs on the first floor, something was really pushing me to want to go upstairs.

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