Friday, January 28, 2011

My Roommate and his encounter with our ghost

The story after this post explains the noises we would hear in the night at our apartment in college. This is the experience that my roommate had with the Ghost in our apartment.

I believe this event took place after my roommate and I had shared that we both were hearing the hallway closet door open and close in the night for nearly 2 years straight. I woke up one morning, and looked over, and my roommate was sitting up in bed a bit, and I could tell that something was wrong. I immediately asked him, "What is wrong?" He sat there for a minute and said something like, "You won't believe me" This is a guy I had known for years, he was my best friend, the person I could trust the most to tell me the truth. I tried to tell him that I will believe him. He was certain that I wouldn't. I said to him, "what happened?.....What's wrong" He said again, "Man, you won't believe me!"

I finally coersed him into telling me. He said that he woke up to a sound in the middle of the night. That he opened his eyes and looked up, and he saw the head of a woman floating in front of him, and over his bed. He said it scared him, and he was telling it to go away. But, it didn't go away. He said that he told it again, to go away, it didn't move. Then he said that it moved to right in front of him, and he tried to punch it. When his fist got to where the face was, that it disappeared, just kind of vaporized.

He said that it was an old woman, and that she was ugly. He could see her face and her hair, and that was about it. There was no body to go with her face or head. This really shook him up, as I can imagine it would. He didn't really want to talk about this encounter, after that. I tried to bring it up a few times, and right away, he didn't want to talk, he didn't even want it entering into his mind. He just wanted to forget that it ever happened.

This was really my first, confirmed experience with a ghost, at our apartment in college. The first time that for sure, what I was experiencing, could be confirmed.

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