Friday, January 28, 2011

I Got Pulled Over, But I Shouldn't Have

Late in the summer of 2010, we were working on a roof in Kearney. We had a long tiring day of work. We had just left the jobsite, not a couple of minutes into our drive towards home. I was tired, and just trying to relax. I was heading north on 33 Hwy through town. As I approached a large intersection, I began feeling or hearing, "take the back way....take the back way". At the upcoming intersection, I could take a right, and go by the High School, and hit a road on the east side of Kearney to get to 92 Hwy. Twice at least, I was being told to take the back way. I even thought in my head, "Na, I will just keep heading north, it is easier to drive."

So, I'm heading north, driving really slow, because I'm tired. The speed limit is 35 mph, and I'm going maybe 30 to 32, and this is going downhill even. Then I had to make my way somewhat uphill for quite a while. I was pulling my trailer, which was pretty loaded down with old shingles. I was definately in no hurry at all, just trying to chill out after a rough day at work. Next thing I know, I hear a police siren, so I slow down, and expect him to fly around me after someone else. Nope, he's pulling in behind me, with siren blaring, and the cherries going everywhere. So I pull off the main road onto a side street.

He takes his time coming up to my vehicle, as they so often do. He says, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I said, "No" I had no idea, I was honestly worried that my trailer was an issue or something. He said, "You were speeding coming down through here." I said, "I was, I thought the speed limit was 35" He said, "Nope, it drops to 25 right back there." I apologized for speeding, and told him that I wasn't aware that I was, I really wasn't in a hurry. He went back to his car, and I proceeded to tell my passenger that I have never gotten out of a ticket in my life, never had been issued just a warning. Fortunately, there is a first time for everything. Only a warning, but I apparently actually missed my warning earlier. The one telling me, "take the back way....take the back way".

Another lesson learned, follow your instincts, and most of all your intuition. Many times it is so subtle, and your logical mind talks you out of it. Making you think it is all nonsense. Listen to it. It might make your day go a lot better, or even save your life someday.

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