Friday, January 28, 2011

Hoot! Hoot! Popped into my head

Psychic experience 1 27 11 5:30 PM Ok, this just happened. A friend of mine called me to see if I was going with him tomorrow to his grandmothers old house in Hamilton. They are cleaning some stuff and organizing some things at her house.

I told him I was in, and he said he would pick me up around 9am in the morning. Seemed like we were about ready to get off of the phone. And then he said something about how when they went to his grandmothers house they would always say two words as they went through the door. I thought to myself, “I wonder what that would be?” I paused for a second or so, and “hoot, hoot” popped in my head from out of nowhere. He went on talking about something, and I was talking in my head to myself thinking, “that can’t be what it is, hoot, hoot.” Then he said, “Well, it actually is one word that we say two times.” Right after he said that, “hoot, hoot” pops in my head again, and it feels like something is pushing me to say it aloud. I was getting like nervous and stuff. Still telling myself, that can’t be it, that can't be the saying they would say. Then, “hoot, hoot” pops in my head again, and then I said, “Is it ‘hoot, hoot’?” And he says something like, “What did you say?” I said it again, and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!....Are you serious?....Why did you say that?” I said, “That’s not it, is it?” And he said, “Yeah, we said that when we walked into her house, everytime that we walked through the door.” She had an affinity for owls, and he said that her house was full of art and crafts with owls depicted.

He was blown away, and really I was too, to be honest. That is what popped into my head, out of the thousands of words that it could have been. I have no idea how I knew, really, logically I didn’t know. That is what popped into my head, and I was being prodded to say it to him. So I did.

He gave me no indications that could have led me to that, nothing at all. He just told me that they say these 2 words when they go through the front door, that was it, and in it popped.

I Think the whole reason he brought up this thing about the two words, was because I have a device called the "PX", like the ones you can see being used on the "Ghost Adventures" show. This "PX" will say words, alledgedly a spirit can manipulate the environment to make certain words come from the box. I think that he was thinking how crazy it would be if the PX said those 2 words he was thinking about, that they say when they walk in the door. Then I got the words pop into my mind either from me asking the question of what words are they, or I picked it up from him somehow, and what he was thinking in his mind while we were on the phone.

One way or another, this event took place. He was blown away by it, and couldn't figure out how I possibly could have come up with "hoot, hoot".

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