Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disembodied Voice

Well, with all of the Ghost hunting shows on television, it is likely anyone with any belief at all about ghosts and spirits, or anyone who has had their own experience will likely know what a disembodied voice is. For anyone who may be wondering what a disembodied voice is, well, it is a voice that is heard, but the person who said it, isn't in their body anymore. "What?" Well, a spirit that has moved on, or the popular name, a "Ghost" they don't occupy a physical body on this plane of existence any more. A disembodied voice is one that is audible to the human ear, that someone or multiple people at times hear the voice. So a voice that is heard and no physical body to go along with that voice from this physical plane, and it is audible to the human ear, then it is considered a disembodied voice. Not to be confused with an EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena, which is a voice captured on an audio recording device of some type, whether a digital recorder or audio from video footage, that wasn't audible at the time of the voice phenomena's occurence, but was picked up on some sort of electronics.

The following is what I experienced in my home while sitting in my office at my desk. This took place on 12/22/09.

This morning about 9:30 I heard a woman speak. It sounded as if she was outside on the sidewalk, about 15 feet from the front door and just outside of my office. I clearly heard a woman fairly loudly say, “Hello?..... Is anybody home?” I thought someone was on the sidewalk, and fully expected to see a woman standing there. I was wondering why wouldn’t she just ring the doorbell, but sometimes when the garage door is open, people will come in the garage, so I though maybe that was it. So I went and opened the front door and was looking for a woman there on the porch or the sidewalk, there was no one I could see. So I looked out to the driveway, to look for a car of some sort, and again nothing. I walked around outside and saw nothing, no one around, so I looked over to the neighbors houses because the sound carries around here especially from across the road. No one, not one person outside at all, no signs of any possibility of someone from a neighbors house causing the event. And it was very cold, so It’s not like someone had their windows open. It is way too early for the mailman to be delivering, and the UPS and FedEx people never come this early. The voice wasn’t coming from far away anyway. It was more like from the corner of the room, or just outside of the walls of the house.

I came back inside, and my son was sitting in a chair in the living room. I said, “Did you hear that?” He said, “Hear what?” I said, “You didn’t hear that woman?” He said, “No, what woman?” Then my 7 year old daughter said, “I heard her.” I said, “You did?” She said, “Yes.”

So, I walked into the kitchen, just knowing that I would find a woman standing either in the garage or just outside on the driveway, but the garage door was down, it had been closed this whole time. I knew then pretty certainly, that it was a spirit of some sort. I had that feeling hit me pretty early, because something was odd about the voice, and the whole scenario. I went back to the living room and I asked my daughter where the voice came from, she thought that it came from over by the kitchen. But the TV was pretty loud and she and my son were sitting pretty close to it at the time. My son was watching highlights on ESPN, and there were no women on the show at the time, so it wasn't a mistaken voice from TV.

My oldest daughter swears that she heard a woman speaking as well, so two of us heard something, and I swear that I heard a woman saying, “Hello, ….Is anybody home?”

Then my oldest daughter was standing on the welcome mat by the front door, probably 3 minutes after the initial voice that we heard, and swears she heard a woman say, “Are you here?” That is when she got scared, and I could see that it was genuine, and I was convinced completely at that time that she was telling the truth, and that we did both hear what we thought we heard.

I went upstairs and asked my youngest daughter if she heard something, she hadn’t, and I asked if the game she was playing could have said those words. She said no, and my older daughter said, that her game has never said those words, and she would know, as much as she has played it, so it couldn’t have come from the game. I was exploring all avenues of debunking, and there was just nothing, no logical explanation.

The girls were a little rattled, so I spoke with them about it, and explained things, and I grabbed the digital audio recorder, I thought that letting them use it and attempting to talk with the spirit would be a way for them to ease their fears. Not that we would catch anything necessarily on the recorder, just to help them really. And it very much did ease their fears, it was awesome. I haven't checked the audio that they took, eventually I will, but they kept wanting to record, and it was neat listening to them trying to talk to the spirit.

Whether we captured anything on the digital audio recorder or not, doesn't mean much to me. I do know what I heard, and my daughter thankfully heard it as well. I know to the skeptics they have to have that proof, but they debunk, the debunking, so I'm not concerned. They will get their experience someday if they choose to pay attention and keep an open mind to all possibilities. Far too many people that I know have had experiences that cannot simply be explained away and the numbers are growing and growing.

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