Saturday, December 5, 2009

My awakening

Well, my whole life it seems I've had strange experiences. When I was very young I had premonitions in my dreams. I always knew from the time that I first heard about ESP in the 70's that "I have that". When I heard them describe what it was, that is what was going on with me. Of course any time that I shared my experiences with my parents they would just say, "Oh you have a wild imagination!" That is fine, but what do I do about these dreams that I have, and then the exact things happen in real life a few days later??? So naturally, I just tried to push it to the side, and hope they didn't continue to occur.

I remember the first one, that showed me that something was up. I had a dream about a small plane crashing, I remember what the plane looked like, and I remembered the number on the back fin of the craft. Then within a week I saw the crash on TV, and the fin number matched my dream. I was thinking, "What the heck is going on, I saw that in my dream?" Way too much to handle or understand for like a kid under the age of 8 years old. I don't remember exactly how old I was. My most vivid occurence of a dream coming true occured when I was 8 years old. One night I had a dream about my sisters apartment in Columbia. Thing was, I was 8, I didn't even know that she lived in an apartment. But I had this dream. I saw the apartments as we drove up, and I remember my sister answering the door, and I could see the contents of her apartment. Then I found out like the next day, or maybe a couple of days later that my parents and I were going to Columbia to visit my sister in her new apartment. First I had heard about it. So we head to Columbia, and I spotted the apartments before we got close to the turn. "Those are the ones from my dream!" I didn't say anything to my parents about the dream, they would just say I was imagining things anyway. So we are walking up to the apartment door and it was just like my dream, to a T. Everything looked just as my dream. Then I knock at the door and my sister answers, again like the dream, but not shocking. Then as the door came open, I got that weird feeling come over me. Everything was just as in my dream in her apartment, all the way down to all of the little nick nack stuff. Talk about freaking you out at 8 years old. I had no idea how to rationalize this and no one to talk to about it.

Now, years later I have spoken to my sister about it and I told my mom about it. My mothers comment was this, "Well you always did have ESP, I knew that a long time ago." And to validate that for her, when my mother would call at times I would say, "such and such died." She would reply, "How did you know that?" And I would say, "I don't know, I just knew that they died."

For years I tried to block out and logically rationalize my weird knowings and synchronicities. Generally I would say things like, "Wow, that is a weird coincidence," and just write it off. Now looking back it would be nice to have a journal of all of the occurences, because there would be enough for a book by now.

Just over 2 years ago my awakening began, and the synchronicities and strange things occur now on a daily basis. Knowing that a certain person is sending me either a text, an email, or about to call. When the phone rings, knowing who it is that is calling almost every time. I think about someone, and then they contact me. Telepathy, this has occured numerous times throughout my life, and I really wrote these events off at the time, as just coincidence, or minds that think alike or something, but now I know better. Mostly I have been a sender of telepathic things, but recently it seems that I'm now receiving as well. As thoughts pop into my head with no thought process, and I just say them, and by the reaction of people around them, it seems they were just getting ready to say the exact phrase that I just said.

At my work, I would be ready to say something to an employee, they would have their backs turned to where they couldn't see me, and I would think the thought in my head, and stop myself from saying it at the last moment, and then the employees would turn and say, "What?" So I would say of course, "I didn't say anything." They would look at me funny at first. Then a few months later, after saying "What?" They would say, "I heard your voice!" And I would say, "I didn't say anything." One day was the clincher though, I was thinking about a certain phrase, and it had two female names in it, and I said it in my head in a certain way, just before saying it aloud, I stopped myself. About 30 feet away, one of my employees had his back to me, didn't notice that I was about to say something, and he turned and said the exact phrase I said in my own head, he said it aloud to everyone. He even said it in the same context that I did, it was identical, only he said it, not me. I immediately said, "Why did you just say that?" He says, "I don't know, it just popped in my head." Whoa, what is that all about? And the two female names were off the wall names, they weren't people we knew, I was making them up. I was trying to remember the name of my wifes cousin. And these two names came to mind, which were no where near her name, and why I didn't say them out loud.

Upon realizing that these things are really occuring, the telepathy stuff. It sent me thinking of past events where people seemed to do things that I was thinking, that I wanted them to do. Once again, I passed them off as weird coincidences. But many were too detailed and the timing was incredible, like just after I thought about something, then they did it. Some of these events just can't be passed off as anything but telepathy, it is the only explanation really. When someone does something exactly the way you were going to ask for them to do something, but you didn't say anything, and then they do it, and immediately as if I had said it aloud, something is up with that.

Then I've had people tell me that "You have telepathic abilities." One of my employees straight out told me, "You talk to me." I said, "What?" "You talk to me, with your mind." Then he pointed at his head and motioned as if I was sending him things from me to his head. I've had four different employees now that have made comments showing me that I'm sending them messages telepathically. How I'm doing it, I have no idea, but it is happening.

Well, enough for this post.


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